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By Ben  Taylor

The Gangsters in Government are working hard at the behest of the Pharma-Industrial Complex and their New World Order cronies to classify colloidal silver as a ‘pesticide’ so that the EPA can claim (unlawfully of course) that they have the right to regulate it. We all know that their real intent is not to ‘protect the environment’ and the people, but to ‘regulate’ silver products off the market. Whether you believe it or not, these criminals in the one world government movement have mass bio-terrorism planned for America and they do not want the people to have access to anything that might be used to thwart that plan.

Classifying silver as a pesticide flies in the face of any logical analysis and here is where a minute amount of common sense will reveal the truth without studying volumes of research papers. While closing a blind eye to the undisputed fact of environment pollution by millions of gallons of chlorinated and fluorinated water going down the drains, agricultural pesticides and herbicides being sprayed on crops and ending up in streams and lakes and in underground water and dangerous pharmaceuticals being flushed into the sewers and also ending up in the water supplies, the EPA is instead focused on a naturally occurring mineral that has no known toxicity for multi-celled organisms and the volume used is a micro-fraction of a percentage of the volume of the truly dangerous pesticides noted above. It is these simple numbers and known scientific facts that are easy to see and which points us to the truth. The dangerous pesticides not under attack are known to kill, not only one-celled organisms, but to also kill or seriously harm multi-celled organisms, such as people and animals. So, why the focus on a few thousand gallons of colloidal silver rather than on the ‘real’ harm done by tens of millions of gallons of truly dangerous, but EPA approved and therefore ‘acceptable’ pesticides?

If there was ever reason to stand up, that time is now! We must make our voice heard as encouraged in the article below by health writer and researcher Tony Isaacs. If the EPA and the other so-called ‘regulatory’ agencies fail to heed our voice and that of reason it will not be the end because we have right on our side and simply must peacefully decline to follow the directives of The New World Order. They have no lawful authority to take any action against Colloidal Silver and we will continue to fight these gangsters as we always have. We will fight them alone if need be, but our real strength is in standing together against this intrusion against our right to use mankind’s oldest natural anti-biotic and immunity booster. Mark these words, ‘we will need it in the coming days and years’ because patented antibiotics will not work – make no mistake about that.

If there was ever reason to stand up, that time is now! We must make our voice heard as encouraged in the article below by health writer and researcher Tony Isaacs. But if the EPA and the other ‘regulatory’ agencies fail to heed our voice and that of scientific fact, then it is not the end; we truth and we have right on our side and simply must peacefully decline to follow the orders of The New World Order. They have no lawful authority to take any action against Colloidal Silver and we will continue to fight these gangsters as we always have. We will fight them alone if need be, but our real strength is in standing together against this intrusion against our right to manufacture and use mankind’s oldest natural anti-biotic and immunity booster. Mark these words, ‘we will need it in the coming days and years’- make no mistake about that.

Big Pharma Backed Activist Groups Have Used the Public Comment Extension Period to Flood the EPA with Thousands of Comments and Make False Claims about a "Major New Study"

By Tony Isaacs

Only three days are left to prevent the EPA from regulating colloidal silver as a pesticide – and petition that has been exposed as a Big Pharma effort to use environmental and other activist groups to help eliminate competition from a substance that the EPA itself has tested to be safe in the past and which millions of Americans use instead of the expensive, side effect laden and often less effective antibiotic drugs that generate literally billions of dollars in profits each year.

Though the efforts to regulate silver appear to come from activist groups, recent investigations have found that the large majority of the groups routinely receive funding from pharmaceutical companies and they are pulling out all the stops to take colloidal silver and other nano-silver products off the market, including massive email and regular mail campaigns to their members, thousands of comments generated by automated comment forms on their websites and publishing a misleading report in the closing days of public comment which they falsely claim is proof of silver causing harm to humans.

Many may have thought that the initial efforts to further erode our health freedom and take yet another supplement away from the public were thwarted by an outpouring of public comments to the EPA against the petition.  As you will see in the story that follows, such thinking was premature and the reality is that while many of us have been lulled to sleep, the Big Pharma backed activist groups have regained the upper hand by redoubling their efforts after the initial deadline was extended.  Now, only scant days remain to again take action and reverse the tide or very likely see access to colloidal silver taken away.

After the initial tide of public comments turned against the thousands of comments solicited by the activist groups, the original deadline for comments was extended from January 20th to this Friday, March 20th.  In the interim, the well orchestrated campaign redoubled their efforts and they have dumped several thousands of the fill-in-the-blanks "form letters" and other comments on the EPA sight. They have also published a report from a so-called major study in China which actually proved to be anything but a major study and which actually proved that colloidal silver prevents the deadly E. coli bacteria from multiplying, exactly what colloidal silver, which has been found to be effective against virtually all pathogens, actually does.  NO human cells were even used in the study.

As Spencer Jones reports at the Colloidal Silver Secrets blogspot:
"First they state, "Yet another major study on nano-silver toxicity has been published during the comment period."

What's wrong with that statement? First of all, the study they are referencing is hardly what you could call a "major" study. It is in fact a very small study conducted in the People’s Republic of China (yes, Red China, home of the melamine scandal and tainted toothpaste scare) by a little known group calling themselves the Bio-X Life Science Research Center.

Interestingly, the Bio-X Life Science Research Center admits on their own web site that they are operating in association with two major drug companies, AstraZeneca International and Roche.

Who are These 2 Big Drug Companies?

Roche (aka Hoffman-LaRoche) is a huge, well-known multi-national drug company which makes Bactrim, Rocephin, Lariam, Tamiflu, Invirase and numerous other antibiotic and antiviral drugs for the treatment of infectious diseases.

AstraZeneca, another huge, multi-national drug company, state right on their web site that they too are focusing a large part of their business model on developing and marketing infection-fighting antibiotic and anti-viral drugs and vaccines. In fact, they state, “We aim to build a leading franchise in the treatment of infectious diseases by increasing the sales of the marketed brands Synagis, Merrem and Flumist and bringing new products to market by exploiting our structural and genomic-based discovery technologies and our antibody platforms.”

In other words, the group behind the study supposedly demonstrating that nano-silver is harmful is, in reality, in bed with two of the largest drug companies on the face of the earth, both of which are major players in the antibiotic drug, anti-viral drug and vaccine markets.

These are the among the very same drug companies that hate colloidal silver and other silver-based products the most, and have the most to lose if silver ever becomes a major resource in products designed to prevent and cure infections and related disease!

More Deception and Exaggeration from the Environmentalists

Once their first exaggeration is established, the radical environmentalists go on to say in their statement that “The study found that nano-silver used in food storage materials, such as plastic bags and containers, can directly interact with genomes and bind with DNA, interfering with DNA replication.”

Sounds serious, but is this true? No. Once again, it is a cleverly worded deception.

First of all, according to the study abstract, the study authors first openly admit that “…information on whether or how nano-silver particles bring changes in genetic materials remains scant.”

In other words, the study authors admit they simply don’t know whether or not tiny particles of silver bring about changes in genetic materials, or how it might happen if they did. It is all speculation. And that speculation is fueled by the radical neo-Luddite environmentalists who oppose the use of tiny silver nano-particles in on behalf of the major drug companies who pay their bills.

Secondly, and most importantly, the study is not even specifically designed to prove that products containing silver nano-particles are potentially harmful to humans, or even that silver nano-particles could, by themselves, could harm to humans. Yet the environmentalists would have you believe the exact opposite.

Indeed, their statement is cleverly designed to make you think that the study authors actually took plastic bags and other containers with silver particles embedded in them and tested to see whether or not the silver would somehow leach from the bag or container, and then enter a human being and harm human DNA replication. In reality, the study did no such thing.

What Really Happened

Here’s what the researchers actually did, and what the study actually demonstrated:

First, the researchers exposed E. coli cell cultures – not human cell cultures, but bacterial cell cultures — to three different types of nano-silver, including colloidal silver. (As most people know, E. coli, also known as Escherichia coli, is a gram negative bacteria most widely known for its ability to cause food poisoning.)

And what did they find? They found that “The results showed that the replication fidelity of the rpsL gene was differentially compromised by all three kinds of nano-silver particle compared with that without nano-silver.”

In other words, they discovered that silver disrupts the ability of this infectious microorganism to replicate. That’s it. They actually proved what colloidal silver users have been saying all along, i.e., that tiny particles of silver destroy pathogens from the inside out!

So what did this study have to do with human cells? NOTHING. And what did this study have to do with products containing silver nano-particles? NOTHING."
Big Pharma Companies Linked to Funding of the Activist Groups Behind the Petition to Regulate Silver
It was reported recently that that a handful of the activist agencies behind the petition to the EPA to regulate nano-silver as a pesticide have received funding from pharmaceutical giant Merck, which annually has hundreds of billions of dollars in profits from patented antibiotics.  Now, further investigation by this author has discovered that the initial revelations may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Merck and other pharmaceutical companies' funding of the groups who support the EPA petition.
As it turns out, virtually all of the activist groups receive funding and support connected to major pharmaceutical companies with donations running from the tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars – and that is only what could be found with simple internet searches.  No one really knows the true scope of such funding and support, since many such donations and efforts are made anonymously and shielded from the public.
For more information about the funding links which were uncovered, see:
"Merck, other Pharma Companies Funding Activist Groups behind the EPA Petition to Regulate Silver"
Clearly, the EPA petition is little more than a thinly disguised effort from the same people who tirelessly work to circumvent DSHEA and limit our health freedoms and access to vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements in order to protect their monopoly on our health and dictate to us through unconstitutional laws and agency codes how we are allowed to address what should be our very private health issues however we choose.
I urge each and every one of you who values liberty, health freedom and what should be your unalienable right to make your own health decisions to go to the EPA site and let them know exactly how you feel – and do so immediately, because time is running out and the powers of greed and suppression are holding sway.
Quoting again from Spencer Jones:
The public comments deadline is this Friday, the 20th of March. So the next three days are, euphemistically speaking, our “midnight hour.”

And like Gideon of old, who was instructed to attack at the midnight hour with his tiny, rag tag band, we need to start…

Sounding the trumpets (i.e., emailing the EPA)…

Breaking open the lanterns (i.e., faxing the EPA)…

And shouting at the tops of our voices (i.e., calling the EPA on the phone)

We need to let them know in no uncertain terms that we don’t want them to regulate nano-silver in any form as a “pesticide,” and especially, we don’t want them to enforce such “pesticide” regulations against any form or brand of dietary colloidal silver.

We need, simply speaking, to unleash a final massive renewed storm of protest over the plan to have silver regulated as a “pesticide.” Nothing less will do.

So if you can do all three things (i.e., phone, fax and email) please get to it right away. It is absolutely critical that we, like Gideon of old, shake the adversary up like he has never been shaken before. We literally need to make them tremble at the sound of our voices, the light of our determination to maintain our basic health freedoms, and the sword of truth in regards to the safety and benefits of colloidal silver.

Here is the contact information you’re going to need:

Email Your Comments: Email your comments opposing the petition to regulate silver particles as “pesticides” to the new EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Her email address is:
Phone the EPA Administrator's Office: To call the EPA Administrator's office and voice your opinion on this issue, dial (202)-564-4700

Fax Your Comments: Fax your comments to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, at her Washington DC fax number: (202)-501-1450.

It is simply too late to write personal letters at this point in time, so I’m not going to bother to reprint that contact information, though you can find it in the previous post entitled “Dirty Tricks in the Battle to Save Colloidal Silver from EPA Regulation.”

If you don’t have personal access to a fax machine (they are available to use for just a few dollars at just about any local “Mail Boxes Etc.” or “UPS Store”) then use the EPA public comments page. But that’s only a last ditch choice. Right now, faxes will make the most dramatic impact, followed by your personal phone calls and emails.

If you can, please do all three. We need to make a righteous noise for the next three days. And we need to start now. Just call, fax and email the EPA saying the following:

“I respectfully request the EPA reject the petition by environmental groups such as Center for Technology Assessment and Friends of the Earth to force the regulation of silver nano-particles ass ‘pesticides.’ The petition is clearly without merit, as there is no evidence to suggest that tiny particles of silver are causing any harm whatsoever to the environment. Such a new regulatory burden should not be undertaken by the EPA with such flimsy evidence, which amounts to little more than conjecture and exaggeration on the part of the environmentalists. It is particularly important that you do not attempt to regulate any form of colloidal silver dietary supplement – regardless of its content — as a “pesticide” as this is not only outside of the regulatory purview of the EPA, but is detrimental to the widely acknowledged health freedoms of all Americans.”

Note: In your faxes and emails, please be sure to reference “Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nanoscale Silver Products as Pesticides,” and Docket #: EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650-0506. That way the EPA knows exactly what you are talking about.
And I might add, send this notice to as many people and groups as possible.
Yours in health freedom and liberty,
Tony Isaacs
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