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Experience the Benefits of Utopia Silver Skin Care Bars

(Product Review By Natural News)
by Aria Milan

(NaturalNews) The allure of gold and silver has held humanity's captivation throughout history. The true reason behind this appeal, beyond the symbol of wealth, is not known but there have been many postulations. When one is familiar with the properties of silver, then it's easy to assume that the long held value of this precious metal is beholden to its medical uses and applications. Silver is a potent bacteria fighter and its use in dressing wounds dates back to Ancient Rome, reportedly by Pliny the Elder. Today it is used in hospitals as an anti-septic. If silver is prized for keeping illness away, gold's true value may lie in its ability to augment health. With these two concepts in mind, Utopia Silver Supplement Company presents Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver Bar Soaps that provide benefits beyond those of other body cleansers.

Utopia Silver Supplement Company is based out of Utopia, Texas and specializes in colloidal silver and colloidal gold health products. This is a small company that sells very effective products and has been targeted by the FDA for standing by the health claims of customers who've used their supplements and found them to be helpful in treating specific ailments. Mike Adams has recently covered this sweep operation by the FDA to "punish" various supplement companies that make truthful claims on the effectiveness of their products. You can read about Utopia Silver Supplement Company's long battle with the FDA in an article written by Tony Isaacs titled A Small Supplement Company's Fight for Health Freedom ( .

Colloidal Silver Skin and Scalp Bars

A soap that contains bacteria fighting properties is a great concept in theory, but not in application when one uses a conventional soap. Many antibacterial soaps on the market contain harmful chemicals, such as triclosan, that not only kill bacteria but can kill the user over time. This may sound like an alarmist statement but to a person with an overburdened immune system, it is not. There is a naturally effective alternative to chemical antibacterial soaps that is safe for everyday use — Colloidal Silver Bar Soaps.

Silver has been prized throughout history not only for its use in currency but also medically as a powerful anti-septic. People in the early 1900's used to drop silver coins in milk bottles to keep the milk fresh. Silver was used to stave off infection during World War I before the widespread use of antibiotics. Many test results show that silver is deadly to over 650 single-celled organisms without having a toxic effect on humans.

Utopia Silver has taken its colloidal silver and formulated it into a soap bar. The colloidal silver used in this product is made with .9999 silver in pure deionized water from the Edwards Aquifer of Texas and contains no gelatins, no animal proteins, no salts and no nitrates. The nanometer sized particles provide a silver surface area that allows for maximum antibacterial action. This bar soap makes a great antibacterial hand cleanser without the carcinogens found in many commercial hand soaps. According to company owner Ben Taylor, this soap can also be used to brush your teeth and gums — it eliminates plaque and gum disease and does not contain fluoride.

Colloidal Gold Skin and Scalp Bars

Gold is the ultimate precious metal and has been coveted for its use in jewelry. But its true value may lie in its health benefits. Dating back to the Egyptian use of this metal for its anti-aging properties, it was also cherished for its mental focus enhancing abilities and as a mood up-lifter. According to Utopia Silver, a recent study demonstrated that ingesting colloidal gold liquid increased a subject's IQ by four points. The colloidal gold contained in these soap bars are made with 24 karat gold and is the same colloidal gold that's being used in the formulation of some of Europe's most elite anti-aging cosmetics and facial creams.

Both the colloidal silver and colloidal gold soaps also contain:

* Plant minerals derived from prehistoric humic shale – Provides 75 essential trace minerals to be absorbed through the skin.

* Aloe Vera – Aids the skin's natural ability to heal tissue and rejuvenate skin cells.

* Essential Oils of Vanilla, Lavender, and Juniper – These oils help to relieve nervous tension and uplift mood.

* Other Ingredients: Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate, Castor Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Glycerin Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, and Glycerin Soja

To achieve optimum therapeutic benefit of the soap bars, the company recommends massaging it gently in to the skin, hair, or scalp and leaving it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. This allows for the maximum absorption of the minerals and aloe vera. Some may argue against the safety of absorbing silver or gold. Both gold and silver are non-toxic and gold has been approved as a food additive by the EU.

I recommend the colloidal gold soap for the potential beauty benefits that it offers. The colloidal silver soaps make a safe alternative to antibacterial hand soaps. These don't lather as well as other body soaps, such as Dr. Bronner's bar soaps, but they still work well as a full body cleanser.

Utopia Silver Supplement Company has put together a products package for Natural News readers that is a good value for its colloidal products. According to company owner Ben Taylor:

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