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Extend Your Life With Enzymes

As precious as powdered gold, enzymes are extremely valuable for anyone interested in health. Simply said, they prolong life! Although best known for their power as a digestive aid, their hidden potential far surpasses that function. Let me explain.There are two types of enzymes produced by and in our body:

(1) Digestive enzymes – to digest food

(2) Metabolic enzymes – which we depend on for life

Metabolism is the total of all chemical changes that take place in a cell or an organism to produce energy and basic materials needed for important life processes. Metabolic enzymes, perfectly named, are involved in every process of the human body. In fact, even digestive enzymes start as metabolic enzymes. Besides our day-to-day life processes of build up and breakdown, these little powerhouses are catalysts that take an active role in repairing any damage done to our body through injury, stress, poor eating or lifestyle habits, environmental contaminants, and the passage of time.

Unfortunately, we don't have an unlimited supply of metabolic enzymes. We are born with a certain reserve of these petite miracles, and when we run out, our life ends. Our body does, to some extent, replenish metabolic enzymes, but the numbers used versus the numbers added still makes them something to cherish.

When you take any type of enzyme, you are conserving your storehouse of metabolic enzymes. Enzymes taken with food, for example, save the metabolic enzymes that would have needed to convert into digestive enzymes. Although raw food retains its natural enzymes, it is good to remember that within an hour of picking, a great percentage of the enzymes are lost. It's a sad affair to know that when we buy produce from the health food store, it has voyaged by truck (god knows how many miles), and has likely been sitting on the shelf for days. Therefore, it is a life-prolonging practice to take digestive enzymes with meals.

Enzymes taken on an empty stomach serve an incredibly different function than digestion. These enzymes are immediately directed to the metabolic processes of our bodies. There are experiments that involve coupling radioactive particles with ingested enzymes, allowing scientists to track the path of enzymes. Results prove that enzymes taken on an empty stomach do indeed assist the metabolic functions of our body, including the miraculous repair of any damage sustained by the body. Translation: More life – we age slower and have more energy!

Our bodies are designed in such a way that we do not have to consciously play a part in the trillions of actions taking place in the body. However, oftentimes, we miss out on the effect our actions have, good or bad. If you take enzymes today, you may not notice any phenomenal immediate change. In the long run, you will appreciate your enzyme-rich prolonged life. You could live a long and healthy life without ever taking enzymes . Yet, what could your life be like with them? I feel it is foolish to not use this powdered gold every day for the rest of our lives.

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