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Extreme Measures Used To Target Rawesome Foods

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Examples of government-sponsored terrorism against innocent Americans continue to pour in to NaturalNews, and no case better demonstrates it than the Rawesome Foods raid and the ongoing persecution of its organizers. In court proceedings last Thursday, LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir turned over 1,097 pages of "discovery" documents to the defendants' attorneys, revealing an utterly astonishing campaign of spying, surveillance, and entrapment that has targeted Rawesome Foods for at least the last two years.

NaturalNews has learned that at least three undercover operatives were hired by the LA County prosecutor's office to infiltrate Rawesome Foods and sign up as members while covertly filming their actions using hidden cameras in their purses. These cameras almost certainly captured video footage of other members at Rawesome Foods, meaning the government itself stands in violation of wiretapping laws that it often uses against innocent civilians who try to videotape traffic stops by local police.

NaturalNews has also learned that there are 42 discs of additional evidence which has been gathered by the LA County prosecutor — including interviews with the operatives, covert camera footage, documents and even video footage from a surveillance pole camera that LA County set up across the street to spy on Rawesome Foods.

Mass murderers? No, just people distributing unpasteurized milk
The depth of this evidence reveals that LA County has spent millions of dollars conducting the most aggressive, vindictive and downright abusive surveillance campaign against a food distribution club that has ever been recorded in human history.

The level of resources that has been directed against Rawesome vastly exceeds the resources typically used against murderers, rapists or organized crime mob bosses. Under the excuse of protecting the public from "fresh milk," LA County has spent millions of dollars and countless thousands of hours conducting the kind of surveillance that would sensibly only be reserved for hard-core violent criminals such as serial killers.

"You have to wonder how many people died from murders in LA County while these prosecutors were busy running surveillance on the distribution of fresh milk," Robert Scott Bell said. He's the host of the Robert Scott Bell Show and will be covering this issue on Monday's broadcast ( "Couldn't these law enforcement resources have been put to a better use protecting society from real criminals?"

"It all harkens back to Thomas Payne, with Common Sense," added attorney Ajna Sharma, who represents James Stewart. "We have lost our common sense; we've lost the true meaning of what it means to be an American and what freedom means."

Kelly Sakir and the new "green" government tyrants
This government tyranny against Rawesome Foods has been spearheaded by LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir, who NaturalNews can now reveal is a rabid environmentalist who gave donations to and an environmental PAC (political action committee) in 2004. (…)

Sakir is part of a new breed of what some people are calling "government terrorists" who cannot discern right from wrong and merely use their positions of authority to carry out what are essentially terrorism campaigns against those they hate. In reality, the viciousness of this attempted prosecution of James Steward, Sharon Palmer and Victoria Bloch can only be rightly characterized as a "hate crime" being carried out by the government itself, all under a special "environmental crimes" unit that claims to be protecting the public.

In reality, however, these so-called "crimes" are all utterly fabricated — just like the "war on terror" — and those targeted for persecution by the state or federal government are usually just innocent Americans who are trying to run an honest business, or distribute honest food, or contribute to society in a meaningful way.

The government is literally trying to destroy America's economy and freedoms
Case in point: Gibson Guitars was raided by the federal government and accused of "environmental crimes" for importing wood from India to be used in its guitars. The federal government said that it is now illegal for U.S. workers to "work imported wood from India" and that if it wanted to avoid such raids in the future, Gibson should move its manufacturing jobs overseas! (…) and (…)

It's true: Both state governments and federal agencies are now actively working to destroy America's health and its economy by shutting down businesses and organizations that offer jobs or natural health solutions to the American people. The terror-style tactics being used against Rawesome Foods are indicative of the fact that this is not a customary criminal investigation but rather a government vendetta against health freedom.

This is the government, in other words, actively seeking to destroy your right to access real food and thereby protect your health in the process. This is government waging war on the American people under the label of "environmentalism."

More charges may yet be leveled against James, and more defendants may be named
NaturalNews has learned that Kelly Sakir intends to name more defendants in the case and even add more charges to the counts already faced by James Stewart. Throwing these people in jail for several days and dragging them into court isn't enough, it seems; Kelly Sakir seems to want to destroy their lives and make sure they do hard time in prison.

What's clear from this is that Kelly Sakir is out for blood and is on some sort of bizarre punitive rampage against James Stewart in particular and health freedom in general. And she's using taxpayer resources in LA County to bankroll her personal vendetta against fresh milk and anyone involved in distributing it. (Does she hate cows or something? Did she step in a pile of cow poo as a child and now she forever seeks revenge on cow milk?)

If you live in LA County, keep in mind that your tax dollars are supporting all this tyranny!

Take action: Here's how to protest this madness
I encourage you to join me in contacting the LA County District Attorney's office today and letting them know what you think about this total waste of taxpayer money to conduct extreme surveillance over fresh milk.

Their contact page is at:

There, you can call, email or post a form. The best option is to CALL them at (213) 974-3512 because phone calls mean much more than emails.

You might consider calling their Hate Crime Unit at (213) 202-7799 and leaving a message complaining about Kelly Sakir and her hate crimes against raw milk.

Or call the Consumer Protection Division at (213) 580-3273 and complain that consumer rights are under assault by prosecutor Kelly Sakir who has stripped away the consumer right to purchase fresh milk and cheese.

Contact the Bureau of Community Relations at (213) 974-7401 and tell them how incensed you are that LA County tax dollars are being used to hire undercover agents to investigate raw milk instead of being used to track down and arrest violent criminals.

Call their Major Crimes Division at (213) 974-3800 and explain that Kelly Sakir is running a major criminal operation against innocent LA County citizens who are merely distributing wholesome food to private members. Sakir sure looks a lot more like the criminal here than James Stewart!

And email them, if you want, at (although remember, emails will probably just be deleted).

LA County District Attorneys = terrorists in training?
What we are witnessing here, friends, is an out of control government terrorist organization known as the LA County District Attorney's Office. Of course, most people in the LA County DA's office are good people. Most of them are hard at work trying to protect society from REAL criminals — the murderers, rapists, con artists, fraudsters and so on. And yet within their midst, they have Kelly Sakir, an out-of-control, rampaging government tyrant who makes the whole department look like a bunch of low life government thugs (or criminal terrorists who actively plot against innocent people).

It's incredible that they keep this woman on the payroll and let her spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money going after RAW MILK!

Hey, LA County DA people: Aren't there REAL criminals that need to be surveilled? Aren't there violent gang members who deserve your attention rather than a bunch of raw cheese eaters? What is wrong with you people? With each passing day that you allow Kelly Sakir and her rampage of hatred continue, you discredit your entire office and prove all the rest of us right when we say you are a bunch of government terrorists who care nothing for the people and only enjoy abusing your power to get off on some sort of insane ego trip.

In my opinion, Kelly Sakir is the real criminal in all this, and if any money should be spent on surveillance at all, it should be spent keeping an eye on Sakir and her abuse of government power. This is a clear-cut case for a criminal investigation in Kelly Sakir's abuse of power and violation of the civil rights of James Stewart and others. The LA County DA's office should investigate Kelly Sakir, I say, and potentially bring charges for her outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars and for waging a completely unjustified personal war against Rawesome Foods which poses no threat whatsoever to the public at large.

Her abuse of power is so clear-cut that if you open an encyclopedia and turn to the entry for "government abuse of power," it should have Kelly Sakir's mug shot there.

This woman is an embarrassment to law enforcement, an embarrassment to the people of LA County, and an embarrassment to the very idea of justice in America. I think Sakir is a power-tripping paranoid sociopath who will apparently waste any amount of LA County taxpayer dollars in her quest to destroy her targeted enemies, even when they pose no threat to the public.

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