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Family Love and Medical Greed Can be a Deadly Combination

by Tony Isaacs

For many generations now, we, our families and our doctors have been taught to forget mankind's 6000 year history of preventing and treating illness naturally and to believe that the only real medicine comes in a brown bottle and that the only real healing comes from the medications of big pharma and treatments of mainstream germ theory doctors.

Over the past several decades we have seen how synthetic medicines created in the labs of the trillion dollar world pharma empire cure essentially nothing and merely manage symptoms while their many side effects lead to other conditions and even more medications.  Despite the fact that such a system had failed to cure hardly anything in the last half century and lost the so-called war on cancer, we have nevertheless largely bought into the myth of mainstream that has been hammered home by billions of dollars of propaganda, drug company reps and doctored studies – and we refuse to be shaken from it.  After all, "just ask your doctor"!

Those of us who have researched and embraced natural medicine know a far different reality – the reality that we can see with our own eyes and feel with our own bodies that tells us that clearly nature is by far the best choice, as it always has been, when it comes to preventing and treating illness.  We have seen and learned firsthand that in most instances, nature is safer, more effective and far less expensive than anything mainstream medicine has to offer, even though largely ignored and suppressed.  But we are still a small minority when it comes to the population at large, despite ample proof that nature is best.  The mainstream campaign of lies, deceit and suppression of natural competition has been hugely successful.  Profits win and healing takes a distant second.

As a result, those of us who know better sometimes are pressured into doubting our own knowledge from well intentioned friends and family who do not know any better and doctors who should know better but whose profits depend upon mainstream drugs and treatments.  Far too often, the love of family and friends and the evil greed of mainstream medicine conspire to make a deadly combination. Two situations this past week has brought that point home to me rather vividly – and in one instance, tragically.

The first one came when I asked a dear friend of mine who is a member of both CureZone and my own Yahoo Health Group (Oleandersoup) to make a post on my Yahoo forum telling about the success his close friend had following my anti-cancer protocol.  At last report, the protocol had literally saved his life and he was winning his battle with cancer.  To my surprise and sadness, this is the reply I received:

"Tony, I would love to do so, but not appropriate. My friend B___ was eventually persuaded by his family and oncologist to undergo chemo and stopped taking Oleander.  All this was without my knowledge. His original diagnosis was colon cancer which spread to his Liver.
He was not an advocate of Natural Health but trusted my experience in NH to abandon his orthodox treatments and begin Oleander.  He died two weeks ago because of the intervention of his family and oncologist.

(I have lost) my closest and life-long friend.  He would still be alive today and free from cancer if he had followed my advice. I am just too angry and upset to do very much at the moment.  I don't think a testimonial is now very appropriate."

On the heels of that senseless and heart wrenching tragedy, I called a member of my Yahoo group who has had quite a struggle with IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) – a very aggressive and hard to treat form of cancer.  We had not spoken since before I took a couple of weeks off and I had been having problems reaching her since my return.  When we last spoke, she had begun taking the supplements in my protocol again (especially the oleander and Inositol/IP6 – both of which are very effective at reducing and eliminating tumors) and her hard and swollen breast had finally begun to shrink, which was very good news, since IBC can ultimately lead to a breast literally bursting and the nature of the cancer is such that the skin cannot be joined back together and healed properly. She also reported during our last conversation that she was due to have surgery on her leg due to a broken femur (probably as a result of her cancer metastisizing to her bones).

Finally, I was able to reach her, and when I spoke to her this time, she told me she was at a loss as to what to do and felt trapped by her oncologist and her family.  I asked her what had happened since we last spoke and she told me that while she was hospitalized to have a titanium rod inserted in her femur, her mother gathered up all of her supplements and took them to her oncologist, who ordered her to stop taking them and refused to treat her unless she did.  He also convinced her, with the assistance of her family,  to undergo chemo so that the breast could be reduced and healed enough to remove it.  When asked if these measures might save her life, he responded that no, her cancer was a very aggressive one and all he could do was try to buy her a little time to have with her children, friends and family.  Not surprisingly, since she stopped taking the supplements, her breast began to swell again.

I was not only dismayed, I was infuriated!  I told her, essentially, "Let me get this straight.  Your family and doctor made you stop a natural protocol that was working, one that was helping build your body and immune system and was intended to save your breast as well as save your life so that you lived many more healthy years, to a program that will damage your entire body with chemo, cut off your breast and openly admits that the best it can do is perhaps buy you a few months of poor quality life as you suffer from all the damage the treatment does?  And now your breast is swelling again. Absolutely incredible!  Your family is literally loving you to death and your doctor is completing the sentence due to his ignorance or downright greed!"

She agreed with me completely, saying that she had studied alternative treatments for over a year and knew better, but she was completely outnumbered by her very mainstream family and no longer even had her supplements.  The good news (I hope) is that regained her resolve during our conversation and is now going to demand her supplements back and continue to take them, even if she has to sneak them.  After a single round of chemo in hopes of shocking her tumor, she plans to rely solely on the natural protocol.

Though those two incidents hit close to home, they really came as no great surprise.  The tragic combination of well meaning but brainwashed loved ones and oncologist who limit their treatments to the barbaric methods of trying to cut out, burn out or poison out the symptoms of cancer is a deadly combination I have seen happen far too many times.  When it comes to oleander based treatments, a similar tragedy happened with the mother of the man who devised the "oleander soup" home remedy.  He used it to successfully rid his mother of liver and lung cancer, but then she stopped taking it and the cancer ultimately returned.  Her new and very persuasive oncologist convinced her that her previous victory over cancer was a fluke, some kind of spontaneous remission that surely had nothing to do with some voodoo home remedy.  She listened to him, opted for chemo, and soon was dead due to her liver being destroyed by the chemo.

I can understand the actions of friends and family who know no better and mean well.  I have a much larger problem with oncologists who likely know better, but stick to what is most profitable – choosing profits and greed over true healing which is supposed to be their call.  I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is hard to ignore the obvious truth.  First of all, oncologists cannot help but see the dismal success rates they have in treating most cancers.  And secondly, we have this report:

In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that in the previous year, the average oncologist had made $253,000 of which 75% was profit on chemotherapy drugs administered in his/her office. Yet, surveys of oncologists by the Los Angeles Times and the McGill Cancer Center in Montreal show that from 75% to 91% of ongologists would refuse chemotherapy as a treatment for themselves or their families. Why? Too toxic and not effective. Yet, 75% of cancer patients are urged to take chemo by their oncologists.

That is pretty damning, no matter how you look at it, for the doctors all too many of us entrust our health and lives to.  To restate, 75% of their patients are prescribed chemo, from which they get 75% of their profits and yet 75-91% of them would not opt for chemo themselves!  What damnable greed and betrayal of their patient's trust.  When friends and family add their pressure to such greed, it can be our very lives that are damned!

The lesson I think we can take from such experiences is this: No matter what, it is your body and your life and neither should be taken so lightly as to hand them over to care you do not believe in just to please someone else.  Follow what you know and feel is right.  By doing so, you very well may save your life – just as your loved ones wanted you to do in the first place.

Live long, live healthy, live happy!

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