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Gary in Texas

Dear Utopia Silver
My son played high school football.  The athletic building was host to MRSA, and several athletes contracted the virus.  My son is one of these unfortunate few.
Since graduating a couple of years ago he has had sporadic outbreaks of the MRSA.  It appears as an area of discoloration, redness around the infection, and a large nasty pus pocket.  

The doctor treats by lancing the site and squeezing out the infection, then packing the cavity left by the infection with a sterile drain wick.  Of course, lots of antibiotics.
….the purpose of this post is to advise that we decided to treat the infection with your Collodial Silver (CS) solution. Before packing the cavity with a cloth wick we fill it with Collodial Silver.  Then we bandage it.  Of course he takes the CS solution orally as well.  

The very first day of CS treatment all the redness disappeared.  The "pus infection" has stopped, and the cavity is shrinking, and the pain of the would is all but gone.

By the way, the Doctor is amazed at how quickly the would is healing, but doubts that CS has anything to do with it.  (typical medical response)

Thank you for your excellent product.  I conclude that it is effective in treating MRSA.
Gary in Texas

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