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Government Nuisance Abatement Teams

by: Ethan A. Huff

(NaturalNews) Government officials in California are hard at work getting rid of all the "lone rangers" living in Los Angeles County's Antelope Valley. According to a recent report by, "armed county inspection squads" are regularly raiding the residences of off-the-grid valley dwellers for alleged code violations, only to later demand that such residents completely destroy their homes and vacate their property.

Los Angeles County describes its Nuisance Abatement Team (NAT) program as a "multiagency task force assembled to abate the more difficult Code violations and public nuisance conditions on private property." In the Antelope Valley, this has translated into targeting property dwellers who primarily live in structures or trailers that have their own private water sources, and that are powered independently from centralized power grids.

It typically starts with code inspectors showing up at residences where they begin demanding that certain changes be made, typically in response to "neighbor complains." If property owners comply, code inspectors proceed to find additional problems that need immediate attention. The situation then continues to escalate until agents eventually reveal their true colors, and order property owners to completely destroy all buildings and vacate the property.

"The government came out and told me that my bushes and stuff out here had to be cut back," said Joey Gallo, a retired ARMY veteran who served during the Vietnam era and Antelope Valley property owner, to "I agreed to take care of the problem."

After complying with the county's demands to tidy up his property, which also ended up including moving a shed and getting rid of a motorhome, Gallo received orders from agents to level his home and move off his own property. The agents claimed that neighbors had complained about "unsightly structures," even though Gallo has no immediate neighbors near his property.

"They told me you have to get off the property. All of a sudden I've got police at my front door with bullet proof vests, guns. And they surrounded the place. Everything I've worked for was just melting away from me. I don't know where I'm gonna go. I really don't."

Gallo is certainly not alone, either. Another property owner by the name of Oscar Castaneda, who is also a preacher, lives just a few miles away from Gallo.

A self-sustaining couple who has lived in their home for 22 years and grown their own food, generated their own electricity with solar panels, and pulled water from their own private well — all without ever needing any help from the government or anybody else — Castaneda and his wife have been ordered to destroy their home and leave their land as well.

And Kim Fahey, another former Antelope Valley resident who built his own home out of old telephone poles, was raided not too long ago. Fahey was convicted of 12 misdemeanors, was eventually arrested and put in prison, and subsequently was forced to destroy his unique castle-like home, which he lovingly named "Phonehenge."

Be sure to watch the full report for yourself to hear these real-life stories of property owners being forced off their own land:…

Forcing property owners to destroy homes, leave land all part of UN's Agenda 21
The US government's coercion of property owners to destroy their homes and leave their land is all part and parcel of the United Nations Agenda 21 program, a plan of action for "sustainable development" designed to cluster the populations of the world into organized, tightly-designed, planned communities, where they can be monitored, tracked, and forever connected to the government control grid (

Living on one's own private land, especially land that is detached from a major city and its respective power grid, is simply not part of the UN's global agenda for population control.

That is why the UN created a "Wildlands Network and Smart Growth" component to Agenda 21 that gradually forces rural individuals to migrate to urban clusters, while seizing control and ownership of their left behind land in order to turn it back into wild, government-owned land (…).

Sound like a crazy conspiracy theory? Do some research on Agenda 21 for yourself, and you will surely be shocked to learn the truth about the global agenda for human management, as well as how this plan coincides directly with the NAT program that is ridding California's Antelope Valley of any and all land owners that do not fit the new global paradigm.

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