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Gum Disease

I'd like to know if the silver will heal gum disease.  Also, I have conjunctivitis in both eyes and have used anti-biotic drops and cream, but it continues to return.  Is the silver safe to use in the eyes?  Will it heal this condition?

Thank You,

Hi Christine,

I have heard a number of reports of gum disease being "healed" by colloidal silver, including periodontal disease. I personally use a couple of tablespoons of colloidal silver in my water pik and it certainly seems to aid in reducing gum problems and tooth decay. Although I have had several tooth problems in recent years and except for one, they have been with old filings that got loose and had to be reworked.

Silver has been used very successfully in alleviating conjunctivitis and is completely safe. I have also used it for irritation from dust and pollen. I would limit my use of silver to several days in a row and only occasionally as needed. Don't make it an every day habit if you don't actually need it. There are beneficial bacteria on the skin and in the eyes and if you kill them off for extended periods, you may experience dry eyes and dry skin.

We appreciate your questions.
Ben Taylor

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