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Heart Disease Fact: It’s A Nutritional Deficiency

by Christopher Barr

A recent news headline boldly declared that the case of former President Bill Clinton having a surgical reopening of clogged arteries not many years after quadruple bypass is proof that there is no cure for heart disease.

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This gave me a chuckle.
One not having the best results means therefore no one can have results? That doesn’t sound very scientific at all.
The article opened noting his “blocked arteries fixed”.
This gave me another chuckle.
Bypass surgery doesn’t “fix” blocked arteries – it bypasses them with surgical alterations. That’s why the procedure is called a ‘bypass’.
Bypass surgery doesn’t fix the problem. It doesn’t even address what causes the problem.
Open heart bypass surgery
Then the article noted that Clinton had “done everything right since his bypass – eating well, exercising, keeping his blood pressure and cholesterol in check,” according to his personal cardiologist.
This brought a whole series of chuckles.
The former President doing “everything right” brought one chuckle.
A doctor talking about “eating well” when medical doctors have right next to no nutrition training in medical school IF they have any nutrition instruction at all brought several chuckles.
Clinton and exercising reminded me of his well-publicized jogs with stopovers at McDonald’s for yet more chuckles.
As to “keeping his blood pressure and cholesterol in check” that means drugs when a cardiologist says that – and those problems are not caused by drug deficiencies.
“This was not a result of his lifestyle or his diet,” proclaimed the cardiologist at a news conference.
Reading this almost brought me falling from my chair with laughter as I already knew that this was a contradiction of facts in so many ways – and some of the contradictions were disclosed almost immediately thereafter in the article.
There were yet more chuckles in the propaganda piece from Associated Propaganda but an important key to understanding is found in the words of the cardiologist, “We don’t have a cure for heart disease,” noted in the last line of the article.
Herein is the heart of the matter on the matter of the heart whether as to health or disease.
Practically the only accurate statement by the cardiologist or from the article was, “We don’t have a cure for heart disease.” That is the truth medically speaking.
Speaking non-medically is entirely another matter. However, use of the word ‘cure’ outside of modern medicine is a no-no for which one can find oneself in serious trouble. Even within mainstream medicine use of the word ‘cure’ can get you into trouble.
The truth of the matter is that doctors tell patients to do things for which the doctors don’t actually know what they are talking about. They depend on drug companies and their salesmen for information on what to do.
On the other hand there are things doctors do know that they don’t tell their patients.
A laughing matter that is no laughing matter
Literally minutes before the previous noted news story came to me I received an e-mail from an individual who had suffered from high blood pressure and heart disease that included a damaged mitral heart valve. The initial heart damage had occurred more than a decade ago.
Some years later this individual developed high blood pressure with a systolic (upper) number nearing 200. The cardiologist prescribed blood pressure medication to which the patient reportedly “reacted rather badly”. Such was the same with other blood pressure medications.
Then the doctor recommended supplementation.
In other words, the doctor knew of non-medical solutions but did not offer these until medical options failed. At least this doctor eventually told the patient of non-medical options available. Doctors willing to do so are in a decided minority.
Yet, shouldn’t medicine be a last resort when safer non-medical options exist?
This individual reported the non-medical options resulted in reduced blood pressure down to the upper 140s which is significant improvement though still high.
A heart attack was also suffered two years ago according to the individual.
The e-mail noted trying to take magnesium supplements but that diarrhea was always the result – until discovering 100 per cent whole food magnesium one year ago along with other 100 per cent whole food nutrient options.
The e-mail reported that this was the 5th magnesium tried and the only one tolerated.
Less than three-months after discovering the whole food nutrient difference this individual went to the cardiologist for a check-up and subsequently wrote the following:
My trip last May to my Cardiologist was amazing.  He simply sat there grinning like a Cheshire cat shaking his head saying he can't believe it.  The echocardiogram showed my heart valve healing.  He told me to keep doing what I'm doing.  Yes, I'd told him about my supplements.  The other thing I'd added after my heart attack is Dr. Christopher's Hawthorne Berry Heart Syrup.  I take a TB a day.
I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me of their mitral valve damage or prolapse and damaged heart tissue improving, healing or being healed as reported to them by their doctors through the years after taking Dr. Christopher’s Hawthorne Berry Heart Syrup. The amount reportedly taken in this report is twice the normally recommended amount though still much less than can safely be ingested for faster results.
Funny thing is that it isn’t even Dr. Christopher’s formula. It was given to him by his professor more than 60 years ago who stated that it had been passed down to him by another herbalist 40 years earlier than that who reported using it successfully for 40 years!
I also can’t tell you how many times people have reported to me of their doctors telling them to keep doing what they’re doing with whole food nutrition therapies. However, rarely do they ever seek details or recommend for other of their patients therapies that result in results that amaze them – but just let a pharmaceutical salesman tell them of a product and they are recommending it to patients right and left without ever having observed results for themselves.
To repeat:
The truth of the matter is that doctors tell patients to do things for which the doctors don’t actually know what they are talking about. They depend on drug companies and their salesmen for information on what to do.
On the other hand there are things doctors do know that they don’t tell their patients.
Oh, and the individual in their e-mail noted that after almost one year of whole food nutrition and the hawthorne berry heart syrup that their systolic blood pressure now varies from 116-129 – and without any medical blood pressure or heart preparations.
More magnesium magnificence
The reason for magnesium causing diarrhea is due to its accumulation which occurs when it is not utilized.
Non-food sourced magnesiums (almost all of those in the marketplace) are not utilized well by the body so they tend to accumulate – especially with high dose use.
Whole-food source magnesiums 1) are utilized by the body very well so they don’t accumulate and 2) commonly achieve results with much smaller dosages. This combination of benefits means that a tendency to diarrhea is greatly reduced. As a matter of fact, I’ve never received a report of diarrhea from whole food magnesium use through three decades of observation about its use.
The simple fact of the matter is that whole food nutrients are always better utilized by the body than non-whole food (synthesized/USP/man-made) varieties. Our bodies are intended to be nourished from food and not from varying combinations of ground up rocks, petroleum by-products and coal-tar derivatives that constitute more than 95 per cent of all supplements.
There is a difference and your body knows the difference between whole food nutrients and all the rest that pass for nutrients.
Magnesium supplementation to those with heart problems was also documented more than half a century ago to reduce future heart episodes yet did not become a common medical practice – again, use of nutrition is a non-medical approach so tends to be ignored.
Some years later aspirin was declared beneficial to those with heart problems and that soon became a common medical practice continuing for decades to the present day.
However, the studies utilized to promote this now common practice were not done with aspirin. These studies were conducted utilizing buffered aspirin. The buffering agent was the mineral magnesium – often with a higher dose of magnesium than of aspirin.
Numerous studies conducted with aspirin only have found no heart benefit.
Yet medical practice is not dissuaded by either the older, plentiful documentation of facts about magnesium benefits for the heart, or the well-documented fact that aspirin alone does not benefit the heart.
The medical mind is not swayed by facts but is made up by medical practice. Emphasize “made up” while ever practicing without ever actually getting things right!
The non-medical approach of magnesium is rarely recommended in the halls of medicine while the medical approach of aspirin is commonly recommended in those same, shameful halls of medicine.
Stating the statin drug CONundrum
More money is spent on statin drugs in America than any other category or type of drugs. It is ostensibly for helping against heart disease.
The most common, serious side effect of statin drug use is muscle pain and damage.
Are medical doctors stupid?
Obviously medical doctors are not stupid by virtue of the fact of all the schooling they had to complete in order to obtain their position.
Medical doctors are ignorant. The root of the word ignorant is ‘ignore’ and that is most certainly what they have to do to make statin drugs the #1 selling drugs in America.
Medical ignorance is magnified when it is noted that liver damage is another major side effect of statin drug use.
Statin drugs work by interfering with liver function. It should not be surprising then that statin drugs cause liver damage. It isn’t even a side effect when it is the intended effect of statin drugs to interfere with normal liver functions.
The manner by which statin drugs interfere with liver function in order to reduce cholesterol levels also interferes with the production of CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) by the liver from the mineral selenium.
CoQ10 is a primary protector of the heart.
This was not a discovery made after statin drug use became commonplace. This was known prior to statin drugs ever having been approved for initial use by the FDA more than 20 years ago!
So … a primary protector of the heart is prevented by statin drugs that are ostensibly for the heart though they commonly cause muscle damage – and the heart is muscle!
Common usage – or really any usage – of statin drugs with its multitudinous common side effects is the height of absurdity, or perhaps insanity.
Yet it shouldn’t even come down to side effect issues ruling out statin use.
There is no benefit derived from statin drugs that cannot be achieved by nutritional use of whole food chromium (with an assist from whole food selenium).
PLUS there are no side effects from the nutritional use of whole food forms of chromium and selenium as opposed to so many side effects from statin drug use.
Furthermore, there are many other health benefits to the heart from chromium and selenium nutrition as well as to a variety of other body parts and functions.
Since chromium and selenium were established to be essential nutrients for life more than half a century ago in the course of liver studies under the auspices of the United States government at the National Institutes of Health this really shouldn’t even be surprising.
Yet the medical approach of statin drug use is commonplace while the nutritional approach of whole food nutrition with the essential mineral nutrients chromium and selenium are little known and less used.
Use of whole food chromium and selenium nutrition makes both good scientific and common sense.
More medical ignorance of nutrition
It was also noted more than half a century ago that the mineral silicon was abundant in healthy hearts and heart vessels while significantly deficient in diseased hearts and heart vessels.
Yet this is also a very sad case of ignorance within the nutrition community as well since the importance of the mineral nutrient silicon (or silica) has been significantly overlooked or not known in spite of a wealth of data on the subject. Dr. Edith Carlisle, Ph.D. of the UCLA School of Public Health carried the ball on this one in America for many decades starting half a century ago.
In an amazing coincidence the man who headed up the research establishing the essentiality of both selenium and chromium, Dr. Klaus Schwarz, M.D., Ph.D., also was a pioneer of the importance of silicon (silica) in human nutrition.
Silicon is responsible for both strength and elasticity of cardiovascular tissue. Also, as a semiconductor, silicon is involved in nervous system message transmission as well, and it would only make sense that it is important for electrical functions with regard to the heart.
Medical malarkey
Almost half a century ago, Dr. Kilmer McCully, Harvard graduate, researcher and professor disclosed that homocysteine, an amino acid metabolite, was elevated in those with heart disease. He noted that this resulted from a deficiency of vitamin B-6.
Dr. McCully was vigorously opposed in his pursuit and promotion of this at Harvard. Once again, he was promoting a nutritional issue in a medical arena.
It was decades before this finally received wide attention.
Sadly, this simple, glaring and obvious nutritional fact is routinely dismissed in medical circles.
Studies are cited using folic acid to reverse homocysteine that do not show reduction in heart problems. The medical folly of this is that reversal of homocysteine with folic acid results only in reversal back to the amino acid methionine. If the vitamin B-6 issue is not primarily addressed then there is just a merry-go-round back and forth between homocysteine and methionine by emphasizing folic acid.
Yet, the recently deceased Dr. John Ellis, M.D., who literally wrote the book on vitamin B-6, (Vitamin B-6, The Doctor’s Report), latched on to this information more than 40 years ago and incorporated it predominantly into his medical practice and later medical research proving in clinical use that patients with heart problems on high dose B-6 had far fewer heart episodes and lived significantly longer than those with heart problems not utilizing high dose vitamin B-6.
Still more medical AND nutritional ignorance
Vitamin D has become very popular recently for many reasons including heart health. Yet one of the first things I learned in nutrition study when I first began was that vitamin D fortification results in hardening of the arteries and heart disease.
Once again it is a matter of whole food nutrition versus non-whole food (synthesized/USP/man-made) counterfeit nutrition.
Recently biochemist Shane Ellison, ‘the People’s Chemist’, addressed this on The Robert Scott Bell Show, noting that synthetic vitamin D is documented to cause heart disease. Ellison noted to get sunshine and use fish oil to get real vitamin D.
Well, there is also whole food vitamin D available in supplement form though it is the exception and not the rule.
Also, pasteurization of milk wipes out the naturally occurring whole food vitamin D from the milk. The government then requires the addition of synthetic vitamin D to milk.
It is not the fat in milk that is bad. In fact, non-fat milk is less healthy than full fat milk! (That is a long story for another time.) It is the pasteurization and homogenization of milk that makes it unhealthy – especially after replacing 4 times as much counterfeit vitamin D as the original and genuine vitamin D that was there.
Milk is also high in vitamin B6 until pasteurization eliminates all of it.
More medical malarkey
The latest overreaching blame coming down the pike is that obesity is the cause of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or whatever else ails you!
Another recent medical news story on this issue gave me over to hearty howls of laughter.
‘Scientists try to break fat-and-disease link’ blazed the Associated Propaganda headline.
The story noted, “… there are examples of obese people who somehow stay metabolically fit — no high blood pressure or high blood sugar or high cholesterol.”
“If fat cells functioned perfectly, you could be as obese as you want and not have heart disease,” said Dr. Carey Lumeng, M.D., and University of Michigan researcher and professor.
“It’s something we don’t understand, why some people are more susceptible and others are not so susceptible,” Lumeng continued.
Yet again the medical mind doesn’t get this because it isn’t a medical matter but rather a nutritional matter. However, a world renowned medical study on nutritional matters would reveal this to them if they could get beyond their medical bias.
The Framingham Heart studies are an on-going study of more than half a century. It is this study that has brought the universal understanding regarding a lifetime on the traditional Mediterranean diet of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and olive oil being able to prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
These traditional peoples on such a traditional diet are also often obese! They can make Americans look skinny in comparison!
It is a matter of nutrient density and not a matter of obesity!!!
If you are obese because you like to eat but the foods you like to eat are good, wholesome, healthy foods then that obesity will not likely result in disease because it provides plenty of nutrients to support your plenteousness.
If on the other hand you are obese because you like to eat refined foods (white bread/rice/salt/sugar, cupcakes, cookies, white pastas, etc.) then that obesity will likely result in disease because of the severe dearth of nutrients to support your serious girth.
About a hundred years ago major changes in the average American dietary occurred with perhaps none so grand as the increased consumption of refined, bleached, white flour. Then only a relative pittance that now constitutes 20 per cent of the average American dietary according to recent federal figures – making it the single greatest component of the Standard American Dietary (SAD) intake.
The three nutrients most extremely removed from whole wheat to make white flour also happen to be the three most important of all though they are the least known of all.
In excess of 90 per cent of the silicon, selenium and chromium are removed, with more than 75 per cent of the magnesium removed, and half or more of the vitamin B6.
Factor in pasteurized milk destroying all of vitamins B6 and D with subsequent addition of synthetic vitamin D and it is no wonder at all that cardiovascular heart disease has been the number one killer of Americans for more than half a century.
Stopping the bad habits now will stop the problems from becoming even greater but it won’t stop the problems.
Problems didn’t pop up overnight. They were a long time coming. They will be a long time going if you only start good eating habits.
Speed along the departure of problems by restoring the largely, long absent nutrients with 100 per cent whole food nutrient supplementation.
Don’t just take food supplements that are supplemental additions to your food. Make sure your food supplements are supplemental additions that are in fact FOOD.
There is a difference and your body knows the difference between 100 per cent whole food nutrients formed through the living growth processes as only The Almighty can form them as opposed to those synthesized by man with his wisdom that Scripture declares is foolishness to The Almighty.

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