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Help Ron Paul Fight Big Government

by John Tate

Campaign for Liberty believes it is time to reform the way health care is delivered in America. Years of ruinous government intervention, excessive regulation, and corporatism have damaged the patient-doctor relationship and driven up consumer costs.

The solution to our health care dilemma will not come from some grand scheme concocted by the same people who ran our economy into the ground and who continue to accumulate trillions of dollars in debt.

It will come from choosing freedom by ending government meddling in health care, protecting patient privacy, returning more of our hard-earned tax dollars to us, and ensuring the federal government does not block any information about alternative treatments.

Congressman Ron Paul, an OB-GYN who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, has introduced several pieces of legislation in Congress to bring true change to health care and to protect the American people from further government intrusion.

H.R. 2629, the Coercion is Not Health Care Act, stops government from taking even more of our money and railroading us into its health care scheme by preventing any individual or agency in the federal government from requiring anyone to purchase health insurance. H.R. 2629 also prohibits conditioning the receipt of any government benefit or participation in any government program on the purchase or maintenance of health insurance.

H.R. 1495, the Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act of 2009, allows all Americans to pay their health care bills through the method that suits them best by providing all Americans with a tax credit for 100% of health care expenses (fully refundable against both income and payroll taxes), allowing individuals to roll over unused amounts in cafeteria plans and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA), providing a tax credit for premiums for a high-deductible insurance policy connected with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and allowing seniors to use funds in an HSA to pay for a medigap policy, as well as making all medical expenses tax deductible by repealing the 7.5% threshold for the deduction of medical expenses.

H.R. 1498, the Freedom from Unnecessary Litigation Act of 2009, addresses rising medical malpractice costs by providing a tax credit for negative outcomes insurance purchased prior to medical treatment and by preventing medical malpractice awards obtained through binding arbitration from being taxed.

As Dr. Paul said in his speech introducing H.R. 1498, "Relying on negative outcomes insurance instead of litigation will also reduce the costs imposed on physicians, other health care providers, and hospitals by malpractice litigation."

H.R. 2630, the Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act, allows patients and physicians to opt-out of any government-mandated or -funded system of electronic health care records and repeals the federal law creating an "unique patient identifier." It also denies the use of federal funds to advance the use of standard unique health identifiers in any federal, state, or private health care plan.

H.R. 3394, the Freedom of Health Speech Act, requires the FTC to actually prove health care claims are false before preventing those claims from being made, and H.R. 3395, the Health Freedom Act, ends the FDA's attempts to censure truthful health claims.

These are just a few of steps Congressman Paul has taken in Congress to address the health care crisis.

Click here to get contact information for your representatives and urge them to support Dr. Paul's health care reform legislation.

And be sure to visit Dr. Paul's congressional website, where you can get information on all the legislation he has sponsored and cosponsored in the current Congress and several previous ones, read his speeches introducing his legislation and remarking on other efforts, and learn more about his work to restore respect for the Constitution in Washington.

The federal government has meddled in our health care affairs long enough. It's time to choose freedom.

It's time to make sure Americans can receive efficient, effective health care by unleashing the power of the free market.

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