January 26, 2017

Tony Isaacs, (TheTruthAboutCancer.com) Sarcoma cancer and its prevention does not generally get a lot of publicity. It is not one of the more common forms of cancer, although sarcoma is one of the most prevalent types of childhood cancers. Yet this year alone, over 12,000 Americans will be diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and 5,000 will die from it. If you’re not familiar with sarcoma, this article will help to answer the question of: what is sarcoma cancer? And will also give you strategies for preventing sarcoma and other types of cancer.



Sarcoma cancers are often referred to as “soft tissue cancers” or rhabdomyosarcoma. Those soft tissues include the muscles, tendons, cartilage, and even soft tissues of organs that are primarily connecting tissues. Perhaps a more accurate description would be “soft and connecting tissue cancers,” since sarcoma often starts in skeletal muscles and then often easily spreads into the bones.

Diagnosis is considered trickier for sarcoma cancer than more common carcinoma cancers that have their tumors on actual active organs. Many obvious soft tissue lumps on the skin are merely encysted fats or lipid lumps. In addition, actual sarcomas are often not painful, making awareness more difficult. They become dangerous by infecting nearby lymph systems or are simply swept up by lymph, then circulate into other functioning organs in the body.

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