February 20, 2017

(OrganicAndHealthy.org) Bad gums and teeth lead to many various health problems, and by not taking care of your oral health, can affect your cardiovascular system, leading to strokes and clogged arteries.

Guich Koock (actor and spokesman) Audio:  The Rising Cost of Healthcare

Taking good care of your teeth is vital, and is more important than a white smile. When it comes to toothpaste, I have experimented with different brands and mixed it up a bit over the years as I became educated about the use of certain ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products.

This is the case as well with toothpaste, as we put this in our mouths at least 2 times a day. Our mouth is the most absorbent part of our body and whatever is in your toothpaste, is getting a pass into your bloodstream. You will think twice when you see that the brand you use has certain chemicals in it that will make you want to switch it up.

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