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Hi Utopia Silver,

I just ordered a gallon of the life solution, and i wanted to know how long is the shelf life of a gallon? Just my husband and I will be taking it. How much per day should we take to maintain good health, we are 63 yrs old. Is the life sol. better thank the col. silver that my friend takes? we do have mild arthritis, and fading memory, just a little.

Lois in Ohio

Hi Lois,
The shelf life can be indefinite if kept at a warmer temperature; extreme cold can cause the colloids to either agglomerate (clump) or even fall out if frozen.

How much to use is a difficult question. If simply using as an essential trace mineral maintenance, a couple of teaspoons per day generally suffice and over time can maintain a level capable of boosting your immune system. The problem is as with all minerals, depletion is a constant thing and accelerates with intense activity especially that which causes one to sweat.

I do about a 1/2oz. per day unless I feel a bug coming on then I will do several ounces a couple of times a day for several days. That is generally all it takes for me, but my silver level probably stays fairly high. If one is dealing with issues such as Crohn’s, Hep-C, or Candidiasis, or any other systemic issues, it generally takes much more than if handling a cold or stomach bug. You simply must get enough into your ‘system’ for it to come in contact with the one-celled organisms causing the problems.

The Life solution is simply 50% gold  and 50% silver; there are some indications that gold enhances the body’s utilization of silver.

We have a very good Arthritis product called Joint Care. It has done wonders for me and one of our shipping ladies who wore braces on both wrists, but after a month or so of Joint Care use was able to leave them at home. If she goes a period of time without the Joint Care and the ache starts to return, she simply resumes her use.

Ben in Utopia

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