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Look into the Lyme Disease Mysteries, Part II

by: Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) Lyme disease victims have organized and clamored for prolonged antibiotic treatment from mainstream medicine, with its attendant insurance financial support. For the most part, it has been rejected since the existence of chronic Lyme disease is denied by most of mainstream medicine and health insurance. Instead of realizing that not tolerating years of antibiotics is a blessing, chronic Lyme sufferers continue to pursue this path with blinders on, ignoring the plethora of safe and effective alternative methods that do exist "outside the box" for Lyme disease.

Advanced Colloidal Silver


One of the baffling characteristics of Lyme disease is the variety of different diseases, mostly neurological, that it mimics. This array of symptoms is listed in Part I of this series, which appears to make it ideal for homeopathy.

Inexpensive homeopathic remedies are selected and potencies determined according to the individual's physiology and existing symptoms. If it appears that the Lyme victim has MS, the homeopathic doctor doesn't prescribe an MS or Lyme disease pill. Instead, all the symptoms are noted along with other factors, and the patient is prescribed accordingly.

Then after a period of time, several days or a couple of weeks, the patient makes another visit and the then current symptoms are noted and another prescription can be made. In other words, as the symptoms change, so do the homeopathic remedies, until the patient is cured.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

This form of oxygen therapy is perhaps the least attacked by regulatory agencies. This is partly because the practitioners haven't claimed they cure cancer, and maybe more so because the military at its highest levels has testified in Congress that they see HBOT as a remedy for suicidal or neurologically impaired vets.

An HBOT chamber resembles those diver decompression chambers used to remedy the bends, suffered by deep sea divers who don't decompress coming to the surface. But instead of simulating the diver's original depth and decreasing the pressure in the chamber, the patient is slipped into the chamber; then, the pressure is increased and held. This is usually done with 100 percent oxygen, but not always.

Dr. Kenneth Stoller, President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association (IHMA), explains that once Lyme becomes chronic, the spirochete bacteria become sequestered internally in cells that protect it against antibiotics. But this spirochete cannot survive an oxygen rich environment under pressure. HBOT has had positive results with Lyme.

Other Therapies

It would appear that Ozone Therapy or any oxygenating therapy could produce similar results. But Ozone Therapy has been under constant attack from the FDA, mostly for its excellent track record with cancer. That's why you may have to travel out of the USA to undergo Ozone Therapy.

Many Lyme disease victims have recovered by using Rife type frequency machines. Rife technology also has a good track record on cancer from decades ago, and that's why it was suppressed also. But it is still possible to purchase one's own Rife type machine at a reasonable price. Instructional materials need to be purchased from other sources.

In a recent interview by Health Ranger Mike Adams, Charlotte Gerson disclosed that a Lyme disease patient was cured using the late Dr. Max Gerson's cancer protocol in their Mexico clinic. Used in conjunction with other remedies and dietary changes, nano-particle colloidal silver has demonstrated benefits as well.

Note: All these alternative remedies, and others not mentioned, are effective with many other chronic ailments as well. Lyme victims could end their endless agony and frustrations with mainstream medical medicine by looking into other safer, efficacious solutions, starting with the sources below.

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