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Male Yeast Infection

I am an uncircumcised married man in my 70s and have a chronic case of yeast and wonder if the infection has become systemic? If this is correct can it be detected in the blood? If it can be and if it is systemic is there an antibiotic that would correct the problem?

Thanks, Don

Hi Don,
Although being circumcised is not a guarantee against such infections, not being circumcised may allow for a higher chance of bacterial and yeast infections unless very good hygiene is practiced. Candida albicans/yeast infections can be detected in the blood with a visual analysis under a microscope. It only takes a drop of blood on a glass sample slide to do this. A systemic infection will result in any of or a combination of extreme fatigue, headaches, depression, arthritis, constipation or even diarrhea, congestion, night sweats, hypothyroidism, impotence, memory loss, bad breath, heartburn, etc, etc. in addition to the expected genital irritation and itching.

As for antibiotics, I use silver, the natural antibiotic. Pharmaceutical antibiotics cause many deaths every year and are usually the cause of yeast infections. Yeast infections can also be indicative of problems in the digestive system, such as leaky gut syndrome. A silver protocol can be very effective when used externally and internally on these infections. I would also take an Enzyme Complex and Probiotics in between silver consumption. Do not take them together as silver will kill the Probiotics.

Ben in Utopia

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