Customer Testimonials


Dear Utopia Silver,

I was suffering from an inflamed cyst on my back for about 2 weeks when I saw your ad and decided to give Advanced Colloidal Silver a try. 

I received your product on Monday and started with a teaspoon a day.  By Tuesday night the pain was gone.  On Wednesday it started to drain out of a head on the cyst.  It is still draining today (Thursday) and has gone from the size of a lemon to normal.  I have dealt with this twice before over the past 12 years and both times had to have it lanced by a doctor and drained, costing me quite a sum not to mention the pain.  I can’t believe my luck finding your product when I did.  Of course everyone is skeptical as to whether it was really the colloidal silver and how could it have worked so fast.  Well, I’m certainly no expert and so I can’t say for sure that it was your product that did the trick, but I’m very happy with the results.


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