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Modern Medicine Claims Credit for Reduction in Heart Disease Deaths

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) The death rates for heart disease and stroke among U.S. citizens has dropped 30 percent between 1999 and 2006, reports the Journal of the American Heart Association. Researchers are hailing the report as a major success in the effectiveness of conventional medicine. "It's one of the most remarkable achievements of modern medicine to have this kind of decline," said Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow, a cardiologist at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, in an LA Times report.

It sure is remarkable, all right. What's remarkable is that conventional medicine thinks it deserves the credit for this decline. Putting all those people on statin drugs, blood pressure drugs and other dangerous pharmaceuticals must be working, they conclude. The death rate is down, see?

But as you'll see below, they are once again engaged in circular logic and self-imposed blindness on the real causes behind this trend.

Two reasons why heart disease deaths are declining
What's the real explanation for the decline in heart disease and stroke deaths between 1999 and 2006? There are two, actually:

Reason #1 – Consumers are turning to natural medicine and healthier lifestyles. The use of natural medicine by the U.S. population has risen substantially over the last eight years, reaching a point where thirty-eight percent of the population now uses one or more "alternative" medicine modalities.

Consumers are turning away from pharmaceuticals in droves. The drug companies are already laying off employees by the thousands, and as the fraudulent science behind Big Pharma is coming to light, more and more consumers are shunning dangerous pharmaceuticals. Perhaps one-third of drug-taking consumers are now actively looking for ways to get off dangerous drugs, and that's contributing to the fall in the death rate from heart attacks and strokes (many pharmaceuticals actually cause heart attacks and strokes).

Meanwhile, thanks to the efforts of the natural health community, consumption of heart-protecting omega-3 oils skyrocketed from 1999 to 2008, and it continues to rise. These omega-3 oils help support heart health and work to prevent heart attacks. Over the last eight years, consumers have become increasingly informed of the benefits of fish oil, krill oil, olive oil, flaxseed oil and even other omega-3-rich oils that provide substantial cardiovascular protection.

And thanks to the efforts of many consumer groups and natural health publishers, consumers are now well aware of the dangers of trans fatty acids and partially-hydrogenated oils, so they're actively reducing their consumption of these dangerous substances. That reduction is no doubt contributing strongly to the reduction in the death rate by heart attacks and strokes.

Consumers are now eating more whole grains, more oily fish, more raw foods and more heart-healthy nutritional supplements like CoQ10 and resveratrol. They're also eating fewer fried foods, fewer refined sugars and fewer processed meats. All of these contribute strongly to the reduction in the death rate.

Reason #2 – The really susceptible people had already been killed by modern medicine before 1999. Death rates by heart disease and stroke rapidly accelerated throughout the 1980's and 1990's as drug companies pushed their toxic chemicals onto the population. Many of the people susceptible to heart attacks and strokes had already been killed by pharmaceuticals by the time 1999 rolled around. That the death rate dropped in subsequent years doesn't mean modern medicine succeeded at all; it only means there were fewer patients left alive to have a heart attack at all! When modern medicine kills 783,000 Americans a year, it doesn't leave a lot borderline patients still breathing.

To invoke a gruesome comparison, the death rate of Jews in 1946 dropped substantially from the death rates recorded through 1939 – 1945. That's because the Nazis killed so many Jews during the war that far fewer were left in 1946. If the Nazis used the same thinking as drug-pushing doctors today, they would have claimed credit for "A reduction in the death rate of Jews!" from 1946 – 1950.

Modern medicine, you see, kills so many American every year that any attempt to take credit for a drop in the death rate is ludicrous to begin with. It's like a serial killer who claims he's saving lives because he took a month off from his usual killing spree. The reduced death rate is simply a reminder of how many people have been killed by pharmaceuticals, bypass surgery and other harmful medical procedures in the last two decades.

Taking all the credit
Hilariously, the conventional medical community gives zero credit to nutrition, natural remedies or lifestyle changes, claiming that its pharmaceuticals and "screening programs" (which are really just recruitment scams for putting people on pharmaceuticals) are solely responsible for the decline in heart attacks and strokes.

Even worse, the conventional medical community continues to actively attack natural medicine, fabricating fraudulent studies that claim Vitamin E is dangerous and actually causes heart attacks, for example. (They're fraudulent because all those studies used synthetic vitamin E chemicals rather than natural vitamin E. The synthetic chemicals are well known to be harmful.)

Through their attacks on vitamins, minerals and natural remedies the conventional medicine community has actually interfered with the reduction in heart disease deaths. In other words, if all these arrogant, drug-pushing doctors weren't running around claiming vitamins kill people, we would have seen a much greater decline in heart attack and stroke deaths by now!

In reality, then, conventional medicine is responsible for maintaining a high rate of death from these preventable health conditions, and if they weren't actively interfering with natural medicine, the death rates would have plummeted even further by now. By putting accurate information about nutrition into the hands of consumers, we could have seen the death rate drop by 50% or more, but those efforts have been blocked by the conventional medical community and the FDA, which continues to claim there is no such thing as a food or nutritional supplement that has any medicinal effect on the human body whatsoever. (Stop laughing. It's true.)

To put it simply, conventional medicine is the CAUSE of the high death rates, not the solution. The solution is to cast off the destructive, fraudulent and criminally-operated system of drug-based medicine and turn to nutritional therapies, healthy food choice, exercise and natural remedies that powerfully prevent heart disease and strokes from killing people in the first place.

But none of those commonsense solutions receive any support whatsoever from the pro-pharma drug-pushing medical community. And that's the real reason why death rates from heart disease and strokes remain unacceptably high in America today.

Want to see the death rate drop by 50% or more? Fire the doctors, arrest the drug company CEOs and ban the marketing of junk foods and fast food! That's what would really work to reduce the death rate in America.

Then again, the medical industry has never been interested in what works to keep people healthy. It has only been interested in what pays. And that's why the whole system remains focused on the most expensive (but least effective) treatments possible: Pharmaceuticals and surgery!

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