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MRSA Treatment

Dear Utopia,
I am not asking for medical advice just an opinion. Would taking silver be recommended for a person with a mrsa infection? Please respond as soon as possible! THANK YOU, BYE.

Joe C.


Hi Joe,
We have a God-given right to express our opinions about anything, including but not limited to health issues and anyone or any government agency trying to stop such speech is committing a crime under the American and Texas Constitutions. Therefore the answer is unequivocally YES! In fact colloidal silver may be the most effective product against MRSA. I would use it topically as well as orally. You may want to read this article, A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver You may also want to read, Natural Cellular Immune Booster Protocol and Flu and Cold Protocol . There is a lot of overlap in these protocols as it is usually essential to deal with your overall immune system health as well as the specific bacteria or virus.
You are appreciated in Utopia.Ben Taylor
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