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Natural Health Seminar

Presented By Utopia Silver Supplements

How can we best care for our health in an environment of escalating healthcare costs and health insurance?
* Complicated Problems
* Simple Solutions
* Questions and Answers

Featuring Dr. Ken O’Neal, MD, ND

Dr. Ken O’Neal of Buffalo Gap, Texas earned his Medical Doctorate from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1969 and spent most of the next 36 years as an emergency physician. After years of experiencing and witnessing the flaws inherent in the drugs and surgery first focus of mainstream medicine, Dr. Ken refocused his professional efforts and earned his Naturopathic Doctorate from the Clayton School of Natural Healing in 1995. Now a staunch advocate for and a teacher of Natural Healing, he believes that most physical symptoms and ailments can be corrected by more natural, non-invasive and safer practices using the science of diet/nutrition, lifestyle changes, and sound mental/spiritual principles.

Dr. Ken believes that a health coach’s primary job is to convince his students of the importance of taking personal responsibility for their own health by teaching them how to do it themselves. You will be pleased with the excellent practical knowledge and information you learn in this seminar, but the thinking skills and research techniques could last you a lifetime.

Guest Speakers

Tony Isaacs is a natural health author, advocate and researcher who is a regular contributor to, the Crusador, the American Chronicle, and the Silver Bulletin. He is moderator for the Cancer Support Forum and host of the “Ask Tony Isaacs” forum at Cure Zone as well as host of Yahoo’s “Oleander Soup” group. Tony will be discussing how to beat and avoid cancer naturally without surgery, radiation or chemo.

Gary Lochte
of Castroville manages a business that helps people save their homes from foreclosure, but his real passion for 15 years has been organic farming. He will be giving a presentation, not only on the basics of organic farming, but also on the health enhancement potential of organic farming and the coming necessity of being self sufficient in a world of uncertain food supplies and crashing economics.

Individual- $25.00
Couple- $40.00
(Pay at the door, no reservations required)

Utopia Community Building
(in the middle of town at the EMS/Fire Station Building)
Saturday- February 28, 2009
8 AM to 4 PM

Some information will be passed out, but you are welcome to bring notepads and recording devices.

Contact: 830 966-2325 or 830 796-1049

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