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Nevada Senate Bill 412 to Squelch Natural and Alternative Medicine

by: Ethan A. Huff

 (NaturalNews) A new bill to be presented before the Nevada Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor & Energy, on Friday, April 15, is even worse than the recent SB 31 bill that almost passed unamended in North Carolina. If passed, SB 412 will establish a state-sanctioned "Board of Complementary and Integrative Medicines" in Nevada to control and regulate all natural health care. According to the National Health Federation (NHF), a non-profit health freedom organization, the 47-page bill spells disaster for the natural health community because it will criminalize natural and holistic practitioners who try to operate outside what the state deems worthy of being considered legitimate medicine.

Like other bills that have tried to do the same type of thing in the past, SB 412 makes it sound as if having an official licensing and regulatory board for complementary and alternative medicine is a good thing. But in practice, these established medical boards end up becoming controlled and dominated by special interests that tyrannize anyone who does not comply with its agenda. These boards can become the antithesis of health freedom as they seek to control what can and cannot be practiced, and they stifle freedom of health choice in the process.

You can read the entire bill for yourself here:…

As long as practitioners, whether licensed or not, are not hurting anyone, it is our belief that they should be able to provide consenting patients with alternative treatments that can help them. But SB 412 will establish medical overlords who will decide for Nevadans what type of medicine is legitimate, stripping them of their own freedom to make a conscious decision in the matter. This is simply unacceptable and must be stopped.

The recent outpouring of attention to North Carolina's SB 31 led to a significant amendment to its wording that protected non-licensed practitioners in the state from becoming felons. And it was because you helped bombard the NC General Assembly with opposition to the poorly-written bill that it got changed.

Now, it is time to do the same thing with SB 412. Whether or not you live in Nevada, Nevadans need your help to call and email the members of the Nevada Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor & Energy, and urge them to oppose SB 412. The bill is a huge threat to health freedom, and it is not in the best interest of Nevadans or Americans.

The members of the committee are:

Michael A. Schneider (Chair) – (775) 684-6502,
Shirley A. Breeden (Vice Chair) – (775) 684-1457,
David R. Parks – (775) 684-6504,
Allison Copening – (775) 684-1475,
James A. Settelmeyer – (775) 684-1470,
Elizabeth Halseth – (775) 684-1421,
Michael Roberson – (775) 684-1481,

Remember to be polite, but firm, in your opposition to SB 412. Tell the committee members that the bill will do nothing but create a costly, unnecessary bureaucracy that will undermine health freedom, and urge them to oppose it.

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