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Old Media Refuses To Cover Rawesome Foods Raid

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) It is perhaps the biggest story of the year in terms of fundamental food rights, and yet with very few exceptions, old media (traditional newspapers and news outlets) has outright refused to even cover the story. In fact, NaturalNews has learned from an inside source at the NY Times that the newspaper has an editorial prohibition against using the term "raw milk" in print.

Instead, NYT uses the term "unpasteurized milk" which implies that somehow the milk is "incomplete" unless it is pasteurized. In its coverage of the issue, NY Times is almost universally in favor of processed (pasteurized) milk and strong government regulation, refusing the recognize the rights of private individuals to own shares of cows, goats or other farm animals and then enjoy the benefits of that private ownership (…).

Aside from a small number of exceptions, the last real mention of the term "raw milk" by the New York Times appears to be in 2004:

Before 2004, the paper used "raw milk" throughout numerous articles going back to the 1980's. But in the years since 2004, the term has been all but abandoned by the paper in favor of the term "unpasteurized milk." See Google search:…

This is a clear example of editorial mind games that intentionally replaces one common phrase with a politically-motivated phrase in order to send the message that "milk should always be pasteurized" without having to blatantly state it in so many words.

NY Times reprints FDA's blatant lies about raw milk
In its most recent story about the Rawesome Raids, the NYT printed false information spewed by a dishonest FDA spokesperson who claimed that raw milk contains "pathogens" and causes children to "wind up as paraplegics." (

NaturalNews challenges both the FDA and the New York Times to produce even a single documented case in the last twenty years of a child becoming a paraplegic from consuming raw milk. This is blatantly false information that's routinely used by the FDA to spread scare stories about raw milk in much the same way that the agency uses scare stories about colloidal silver, Chinese Medicine herbs or nutritional supplements. NYTimes provides absolutely no evidence to back up this false assertion that raw milk causes children to "wind up as paraplegics." It simply accepts it as true, without question.

That's the role of the corporate-controlled media, of course: To accept government lies as true and then reprint them as fact. This is how vaccine scare stories get propagated by the CDC, as well.

The presstitutes are at it again
With very few exceptions, no other old media sources have bothered to cover this story of the government terrorism raids against Rawesome Foods. Remember: The Rawesome Foods raid is a case of government-sponsored terrorism against farmers. It's hard to imagine a bigger and more important story in a nation that claims to be free, and yet the old media just outright refuses to cover it.

Perhaps that's why the members of the old media are called presstitutes by Gerald Celente, who explains that "they only exist to service the politicians." They also exist, of course, to service the giant food conglomerates which are adamantly opposed to small, local, wholesome food produced on real farms instead of factory farm operations.

So while the old media is happy to bring you stories about the latest dance craze, or some political sex scandal, or even the latest buzz about celebrity chefs, they absolutely refuse to print a story that might cause all the mass slaves in America to wake up and start to question the false authority being wielded to control their lives. The last thing the old media wants is for people to actually be aware of issues that impact their freedom. That would set a dangerous precedent of getting people to talk about freedom in the first place. Because as we all know, in a collapsing empire run by corrupt corporations and criminal bureaucrats, the war being waged is really an "info war" ( — a war for control over your mind.

That war is waged through the pages of the old media where one of the most powerful control mechanisms of all is the censoring of important stories so that they never see the light of day.

Thank God we have NaturalNews, InfoWars, DrudgeReport, RawStory, AlterNet and other independent-thinking news sources (on both the left and the right) where honest people can still publish stories without them having to be approved by the corrupt media establishment (which is totally missing the boat on all this, by the way).

In what is arguably the biggest food-related story of the year, I find myself the sole reporter in the nation covering this 24/7 and putting out articles, interviews and videos at a rapid pace. And it makes me wonder: Who is canning this story at CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, USA Today and all the other old media organizations that have provided virtually zero coverage of this stunning news?

I'm willing to bet an order has come down from the White House on this one: "Don't cover the Rawesome Foods raid," it probably says. And so the presstitutes obey as commanded and distract the public with bread and circuses even while the government is openly engaged in the food industry equivalent of a government book burning.

There's a philosophical question in all this, I suppose: If the government burned a huge pile of books but the press never mentioned it, did the book burning really happen? The presstitutes in America are trying to rewrite reality and pretend that nothing nefarious is going on with the Rawesome Foods raids.

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