Synthetic versus Natural Supplements

Taken from a recent Ask Tony Isaacs CureZone forum question Q: Hi Tony , I see a lot of valuable information in your posts and I thank you for that, but it amazes me how you keep recommending different supplements, vitamins (synthetic) and other stuff that is supposed to be healthy and yet you miss the fact that all supplements are made by the same companies that make drugs, they don't work, they have side effects just like drugs,they are not natural – synthetic Vitamin C is not real Vitamin C, it is a mirror image of the real one and is toxic. For decades now humans try to imitate nature and never succeed. You cannot take a real Vitamin and… Read More →

Mainstream Studies on Natural Health Flawed

Recent headlines from an Oregon State University study asserted "Vitamin E trials 'fatally flawed" and the following story detailed how most studies on Vitamin E have been flawed to the point of being essentially worthless.  Here are some excerpts: CORVALLIS, Ore. – Generations of studies on vitamin E may be largely meaningless, scientists say, because new research has demonstrated that the levels of this micronutrient necessary to reduce oxidative stress are far higher than those that have been commonly used in clinical trials. In a new study and commentary in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, researchers concluded that the levels of vitamin E necessary to reduce oxidative stress are four to eight times higher than those used in almost all… Read More →

Avoiding & Beating the Flu

by Tony Isaacs author of Cancer's Natural Enemy It appears that the flu season is upon is again – with reports of the flu coming in from virtually every part of the country.  The good news is that there are several steps you can take to beat and avoid the flu (and colds as well). Included in these steps would be the things that you should do to protect yourself from virtually all diseases and illnesses: get plenty of rest, exercise, quit smoking, eat a nutritious diet, avoid stress and, above all, to make your body's natural first line of defense, your immune system, strong and robust. Some of the very best immune boosters are: • Echinacea• Pau d’arco• Suma•… Read More →

Naturopathic Rights in the Founding of America

by Tony Isaacs author of Cancer's Natural Enemy The FDA, AMA and other powers in mainstream medicine would have us believe that it is their legal and moral duty to protect us from nature and naturopathy and determine which drugs and treatments we are allowed to have.  Just the opposite is true: it is both immoral and against the founding principles and laws of our nation – and the principles and laws that predate the founding of our nation and governed our country at the time of it's founding. When the American Colonies declared their independence as Sovereign States, in July, 1776, they each adopted the Laws of England as the Common Law of the State.  With the exception of… Read More →

The Four Horsemen of the Health Apocalypse

by Tony Isaacs author of Cancer's Natural EnemyFirst in a New Series A dark plague has crept across the land, operating largely in shadow for generations and set upon us by an evil master whose footsteps have fouled the earth for as long as man has walked upon it.  Led by four evil horsemen who have been corrupted and enslaved by the master, the plague has cast its shadowy tentacles from sea to sea through towns and cities large and small, sparing no one. Almost no location has proven remote enough to escape its reach and it has visited death, illness and suffering on young and old alike. The plague is the plague of Bad Health.  Its master is Greed. … Read More →

2008: The Year of New Beginnings

My friend Ben Taylor, owner of Utopia Silver Supplements, recently invited me to begin writing for the Silver Bulletin E-Newsletter. I feel very honored and humbled to be able to do so. My goal is to inspire you, the readers Ben and his staff care so much about, to lift you up, and to possibly guide you in some small way to live life to the fullest. Sometimes I will write about health, sometimes about life, and hopefully a lot about love, joy, and peace. . I am a Christian, saved in 1977. I was a professional viola player and taught Suzuki for years. When I started having babies, I chose homebirths and became a midwife myself. There is nothing… Read More →

Colloidal Silver Has Mainstream Medicine Singing the Blues

by Tony Isaacs the author of Cancer's Natural Enemy The recent widespread mainstream media coverage of the “blue man” Paul Karason and his rare skin condition known as Argyria is the latest in a series of largely misleading and sensationalized scare stories about the dangers of colloidal silver turning a person’ skin blue. Although this latest story did not appear to originate from mainstream medicine or the FDA, there is little doubt that they have welcomed it with open arms and have been quick to trot out “medical experts” and past FDA warnings to help “sing the blues” about colloidal silver. The truth is that mainstream medicine has a very good reason to cry long and loud about colloidal silver,… Read More →

Don’t Put Complete Faith in Foods or Herbs Reputed to ‘Beat Cancer’

Petri dish

May 07, 2015 (The Best Years in Life) Seldom does a week go by without exciting news about this or that herb or food having a high rate of killing cancer cells – as determined by Petri dish tests ((in vitro tests). The reality is that Petri dish testing is not at all the same as testing in the body itself (in vivo tests). Petri dish tests often over-emphasize the benefits of the item tested and in some instances they may miss some of the benefits of the items tested. [Sponsor Links: Great Supplements] The only way to beat cancer is to eliminate 100% of the cancer cells in the body. Regardless of results in vitro or in vivo, anything… Read More →

How Healing Illness Became Managing Illness For Profit


by Tony M. Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) For over 6000 years, man looked first to nature to heal illness and maintain wellness.  As a result of a deliberate and often sinister plan, the past century and a half has seen curing illness with nature replaced with managing sickness and treating the symptoms of illness in a system that places profits far above healing and humanity. When this country was founded, medical freedom was assumed. Early Americans ran away from intolerance hoping to find religious and political freedom. Medical freedom was simply assumed. It was assumed that the people had the right to choose whatever form of health care they preferred. Dr Benjamin Rush proposed that these rights should… Read More →


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which blood-sugar (glucose) levels are above normal—either the body doesn’t produce enough of the hormone insulin, which breaks down sugar in the blood, or it cannot utilize its own insulin properly. Diabetes can cause serious health complications including blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, and even limb loss. The good news is that if you are one of the 20.8 million Americans struggling with diabetes (type 1 and type 2 combined) there are natural approaches to help avoid these life-threatening conditions. As in almost all areas of health, exercise and proper diet can help tremendously for diabetes. That does not mean a heavy exercise regimen nor does it mean a radical weight loss. Moderate exercise… Read More →