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Part II: Beware of the Sugar Conspiracy (Opinion)

by: Hesh Goldstein

(NaturalNews) In dealing with the "sugar conspiracy" thrust upon us, we left off with the use of grams to describe sugar content. But, it doesn't end there.

One very, very important thing to remember is that you must read labels because many "non-sweetened" products contain sugar as well.

A half cup of store-bought spaghetti sauce can contain as much as three teaspoons of sugar.

Ketchup can have a 20% sugar content.

When the "pimps" take the fat out of a product, like cookies or salad dressing, guess what they replace it with? Yep, sugar and extra salt. High blood pressure anyone? Calorie wise, they are not much less than the fattier version.

Bread is another one. It's sugar and eggs. (The whites, by the way, are used in aircraft paint because they don't crack under extreme temperatures; that gives bread its nice, golden crust.)

We know that potato chips are salty, but they can contain sugar as one. They don't say, "betcha can't eat one", for nothing.

And let's not forget the popular high protein energy bars. These guys can contain up to 300 calories and are loaded with sugar.

There was a study done at the American College of Neuropsycopharmacology (say it three times fast and you'll own it) that found that sugar gives the same brain reaction as morphine, cocaine and nicotine. To put it another way, sugar is addictive!

The reality is that the food industry knows full well that sugar is addictive, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that they will put as much as they can in as many products as they can to get you to eat more and more and more. You eat more; you get fat; you get sick; they get rich. They see that as a win-win situation. How do you see it?

But sugar just doesn't make you waddle down the street. It does a number on your insulin levels and leads you to becoming a diabetic. Did you know that just consuming one can of soda a day increases your risk of diabetes by 85% and can cut 11 to 20 years off your life?

It's not a walk in the park to break a sugar habit, but you have to give it your best shot.

You can keep your blood sugar stable by including protein with every meal. If you know about quinoa, the incredible grain from Peru which is a complete protein, you can eat that and get plenty of fiber as well. Remember, if it had a face or a mother it has no fiber.
If you use fruit as a substitute for sugar it will help curtail your sugar cravings.
Under no circumstances substitute fake sugar and think it's the answer.

Aspartame will turn you into a zombie because the methanol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde at 84 degree F (the body's temperature is 98.6 degrees F)

Sucralose is derived from chlorine and is best used in your swimming pool.

The reality is that these fake sugars do not eliminate sugar cravings; they actually increase them. A study proved that a person's risk for obesity went up 41% for each daily can of diet soda.

So, do the best you can and take it one day at a time. When you see your weight come down and your mood swings level out and you have more sustained energy, you'll know you're on the right road.

Just stay as sweet as you are.


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