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Pediatricians Demand Annual Flu Shots for Infants

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Vaccinations are modern medicine's most-favored form of quackery. Even while the bulk of the evidence shows vaccines and flu shots ultimately harm more people than they help, they continue to be pushed by doctors, drug companies and state health authorities. Now you can add pediatricians to that list.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, a group of drug-pushing doctors that claim to care for children, is now demanding that parents get their children injected with an annual flu shot vaccine — even for six-month-old babies! According to the new AAP guidelines, all children from six months to eighteen years old should receive an annual flu shot vaccine injection even though flu shots have been scientifically shown to be effective on only about one percent of those receiving them!

But here's the most disturbing part: The AAP is now aggressively attacking anyone who suggests flu shot vaccines should be spaced apart or skipped altogether in order to reduce the vaccine burden on a child.

The cumulative toxic vaccine burden
With a child in the U.S. now receiving upwards of 130 different vaccines (many are combined into a single shot, so it's not 130 shots), it only makes logical sense to wonder whether there's such a thing as a cumulative toxic vaccine burden that might harm the health of a child. But the AAP apparently believes there's no limit to the number of vaccines a child may be given. Even a six-month old infant may receive a thousand different vaccines as long as they are demanded by health authorities.

Any doctors or health authority who questions vaccines today is immediately branded a quack by the pro-drug, pro-chemical medical establishment, and vaccines have become the dividing issue that separates the medically insane from the sane. Those who push for mandatory vaccines (like HPV) and annual flu shots for infants are, of course, the insane "mad doctors" who think the human body is somehow deficient in viral DNA fragments and must be supplemented with any number of such injections in order to be healthy.

The agenda of the insane vaccine pushers is to literally criminalize all parents who object to vaccines and strip the medical licenses of any doctors who urge caution on vaccines. Importantly, they claim there is no room for debate on the issue of vaccines because they are so righteous in their vaccine wisdom that no reasonable person can even question the reasoning behind a child being injected with over a hundred vaccines.

Vaccine pushers have become irrational zealots
By taking this position, the pro-vaccine pushers have revealed themselves as irrational vaccine zealots who promote their chemical agenda not because it makes scientific sense, nor because it is medically justified, but rather because it is their demented way of dominating and controlling the population.

The pro-vaccine doctors have become a cult, and in this cult instead of sacrificing all your money and possessions, you sacrifice the health of your own children, turning them into modern medicine's lab rats who are subjected to outrageous medical experiments. (Let's face it: Injecting a child with 130+ vaccines is nothing less than a medical experiment.)

The frightening thing about this cult is that its power over the population is enforced at gunpoint. Try to resist the vaccination cult's directives, and you may find yourself arrested at gunpoint, your children kidnapped by state health authorities (CPS) and you end up in jail, charged with neglecting your child's health.

That's no exaggeration: In states like Maryland, parents are already being threatened with imprisonment for failing to get their children vaccinated, and the vaccine cultist are pushing for mandatory vaccine laws throughout the nation.

The radicalization of the vaccine pushers
In attempting to criticize opposition to his fabricated war on Iraq, President Bush famously said, "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists." This extremist stance is now mirrored by the vaccine pushers who are essentially saying, "You either agree with us, or you're a criminal."

Such a position leaves zero room for thoughtful debate, eliminating the possibility of coherent discussion over possible health threats that might be posed by vaccines. It's also a clear sign of the radicalization of the vaccine pushers who unfortunately seem to hold positions of high authority in modern society.

As the vaccine-pushing cult becomes more radicalized and even militarized (due to gunpoint enforcement, attack dogs at the Maryland courthouse vaccine enforcement event, etc.) it runs the risk of looking more and more like a home-grown terrorist group. It already shares many similarities with terrorist groups: The use of fear to promote its agenda, the use of chemical weapons that harm and kill civilians, the use of firearms and violent weapons to enforce its agenda, and the adoption of an intellectually-extremist position that declares all opponents to be criminals.

It's true that medical violence against children is routinely tolerated in America today. There is no crime modern medicine can commit against children that's outrageous enough to warrant an arrest of the medical authorities, apparently: They can poison children with chemicals, maim them with medically unnecessary surgery, destroy their brains with psychiatric drugs, burn their flesh with radiation treatments and obliterate their immune systems with chemotherapy, but as long as it's approved by a doctor, nobody seems to question this violent medical abuse of a child.

And when angry parents try to fight the system by petitioning the government to end mandatory vaccine regulations, for example, they are immediately called "scientifically illiterate" and accused of neglect.

That's the key to all this, of course: Any parent who objects to vaccines is effectively threatened with being arrested for daring to oppose the all-powerful medical authorities. It is through this blanket of fear that most parents are motivated to shut their mouths, take the shots and stop asking questions about things like autism.

Losing your freedoms AND your health
So what does it all really mean? It means pro-vaccine doctors are not only a threat to your child's health, but also a threat to your freedoms! These vaccine-pushing health authorities aren't running a public health campaign; they're running a militant cult that declares all who oppose it to be criminals deserving arrest and imprisonment.

Like all such militant cults that rise to power, the vaccine pushers need to have their power checked before they become an even greater threat to the health and safety of families everywhere. This could be easily accomplished with the passage of health freedom laws that would establish the permanent right of parents to refuse to subject their children to chemical concoctions they object to.

The fact that we even have to consider new laws to protect such rights demonstrates just how much of a threat to health freedoms the vaccine pushers have already become. When governments and state-license health authorities are given the power to override the commonsense decisions of parents, the very fabric of freedom is beginning to fray.

Or, put another way, when parents who try to protect their own children from a dangerous accumulation of toxic chemicals are branded criminals and imprisoned, a dangerous threshold has been crossed that takes the entire nation further away from anything resembling freedom and a lot closer to a medical police state.

The future of militant medicine in America
If this militant vaccine agenda isn't stopped, and if medical authorities are given even more state power over the People, it's not hard to imagine a future where:

• Where chemotherapy is administered to children at gunpoint and those who resist are arrested.

• Where refusing to put a child on psychiatric drugs is considered justifiable grounds for mandatory psychiatric medication of the parents (in a mental institution, of course!).

• Where all information on the internet that challenges vaccines or pharmaceuticals is censored, and those who dare to publish it are arrested and "disappeared." Imagine a Gitmo for bloggers…

• Where vaccine pushers demand an ever-increasing barrage of vaccines for all children, reaching a point of utter insanity where 1000 or more vaccines are injected into a six-month-old baby.

• Where feeding your child vitamins is considered a crime, and children are even "drug tested" for traces of vitamins, and those found to carry such traces are taken away from their parents by Child Protective Services.

Do these possibilities seem outlandish? The idea that parents could be arrested for refusing to subject their child to chemotherapy also seemed outlandish at one time, but now it's a present-day reality. The idea that the State would send letters to thousands of parents, threatening them with jail time if they didn't submit their children to a "vaccination processing line" at the local courthouse also once seemed outlandish. But now it's an historical fact.

That something seems crazy has never been sufficient to prevent it from actually occurring, and the medical authorities seem willing to abandon human rights more quickly than just about any other group, including terrorist groups. Most terrorist groups, after all, tend to target adults (9/11, for example) while the vaccine pushers are targeting children. Terrorist groups also tend to target populations of other nations, while the vaccine pushers are targeting the children of their own countries.

This is not to say that vaccine-pushing doctors ARE terrorists, only that they use tactics and have embraced extremist views that are frighteningly similar to terrorists. Obviously, doctors don't use bombs, fragmentation grenades and rocket launchers to harm people. They use chemical poisons, heavy metals and viral fragments instead.

Perhaps we should start referring to the act of receiving a vaccination injection as "being fragged."

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