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Photos Show Result of Raw Milkman’s 10 days of Torture and Abuse

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) California is now in the business of torturing senior citizens who advocate real food. 65-year-old James Stewart, the California "milk man," was recently arrested under trumped-up charges, then "lost" in the LA County jail for over a week, during which he was subjected to hypothermia, torture, interrogations, involuntary medical procedures, verbal intimidation, food deprivation and even had his jail cell flooded with raw sewage which he was forced to clean up by hand.

Now photos have emerged that show the before and after of James Stewart. This photo, shown below, shows his level of health and vitality on a raw food diet at age 65, followed by his loss of health and vitality after just 10 days on a California government-approved diet of dead processed foods which were occassionally thrown at him in jail (when he was not being starved of food, anyway).

As the photo clearly reveals (see photo at the bottom of this article):

• James looks almost 20 years older after surviving 10 days in the California jail system.

• His energy and vitality are drastically reduced.

• His skin tone is more mottled and clearly shows signs of digestive distress.

• His eyes reflect a kind of emptiness, as if his very soul has been assaulted.

• His posture reflects a systemic loss of energy and strength.

• There is a clear loss of subcutaneous body fat and a "hollow-ness" to his face shape.

• His emotional state is clearly devastated. He has the look of someone who has been tortured and brutalized. (Oh, but America doesn't torture its citizens, does it? Grow up, people. WAKE UP. This is happening right in Los Angeles.)

Remember: California says only dead, pasteurized milk is "safe" for you to drink

As you look at these photos, remember that the California government says raw milk is a dangerous, criminal substance advocated by dangerous "sovereign" people who might as well be labeled terrorists. But dead, pasteurized milk and other dead foods are "government approved" for feeding to both schoolchildren and prisoners. (Along with "pink slime" processed meat and other grotesque "food" substances.)

When you look at the skyrocketing rates of disease across California today — cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental disorders and more — ask yourself why the California government is criminalizing fresh, living food while forcing people to eat dead, processed foods.

California, which was once a state recognized for its promotion of a healthy lifestyle and freedom of choice is now known as "the torture state" that targets senior citizens for torture and abuse. It is the state where the governor signed a bill into law allowing children as young as 12 years old to "consent" to being vaccinated without parental permission. It is a state that has spent millions of dollars in taxpayer money to target and attack senior citizen farmers whose only wish is to create and share fresh, wholesome food with other Californians.

The California press refuses to cover this true story of the torture of a senior citizen milk man

The Los Angeles Times is so corrupt and whored out to its corporate interests that it won't even cover this story! There is torture and abuse of farmers happening right in Los Angeles, and the LA Times absolutely refuses to cover the story! How's that for pathetic journalism? (If the LA Times actually starts to cover this story, I will retract this paragraph. But as of this writing, the LA Times has done nothing to cover this huge story of government abuse of innocent citizens.)

In fact, to date no newspaper in California has covered this story of torture and abuse of the California milk man. There is complete silence on it. A total cover-up. The lamestream media wants you to believe this never happens in California.

But these pictures don't lie. The recorded testimony of James Stewart is factual and truthful. Watch the video and hear it yourself at:

James passes all the tests for credibility — no criminal record, his testimony cites accurate details of his experience in jail (such as being held in cell number 'Denver 22'), and he has no agenda other than to assert his freedom to pursue life, liberty and the American dream.

For that, he is targeted, surveilled, arrested, tortured, malnourished, brutalized and then his story is utterly ignored by the California press.

Shame on you, California bureaucrats and presstitutes. Shame on you for ignoring the plight of this innocent man while you promote the corporate agenda of feeding more dead, processed foods to a diseased population that's desperate for solutions. YOU people are worse than terrorists because you claim to cover the news, you claim to represent justice, and you claim to stand for the People of California. But behind the scenes, in truth, you are nothing but wicked betrayers of Californians. You would rather see people die of disease than offend your milk industry sponsors, wouldn't you?

No wonder newspapers all across California are losing readers in droves. People are coming to the internet — places like — to read the news that "lamestream media" newspapers outright refuse to cover. The public increasingly realizes that big-city newspapers are a complete joke — a meda hoax of fake news that intentionally ignores the real stories that matter to real people.

If an American farmer being tortured nearly to death in an LA County jail isn't news, I wonder what is?

Oh, wait: The LA Times is happy to report on Libya's abuse of "detainees." See, they cover it gleefully:…

But when a California man is tortured and brutalized in an LA County jail, the LA Times won't cover it. Pathetic.

Here's the photo

Credit for this photo goes to where you can find additional updates on this story.

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