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Reverse Degenerative Diabetes Naturally

by: Dr. David Jockers

(NaturalNews) According to the American Diabetes Association 23.6 million Americans (7.8% of the population) have diabetes and another 57 million people (18.8%) have insulin-resistant pre-diabetes. The vast majority of diabetes is the type II variety known as degenerative diabetes. Research has shown that degenerative diabetes is an inflammatory disorder and is completely preventable & reversible through an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.


When we eat sugar or carbohydrates our digestive system converts these larger molecules into glucose which is then absorbed into the bloodstream and taken to every cell of the body. Blood sugar fuels the cells keeping them healthy. For healthy function it is critical to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Stabilizing blood sugar is largely controlled by the pancreas through a hormone called insulin. When the body recognizes that blood sugar is elevating the pancreas releases insulin. Insulin then acts as the key that fits the cell receptor door lock. Once insulin interacts with the cellular door it opens and the sugar is able to enter the cell. When the working rhythm among the pancreas, insulin, and the cells are out of harmony, it produces insulin resistance and eventually degenerative diabetes.

A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle are the two biggest contributing factors for diabetes. When we eat carbohydrate rich foods we create a large demand on the body for insulin production. Insulin is a storage hormone that is also a precursor for inflammatory prostaglandins (cellular messengers). Bouts of elevated insulin put the body into fat storage metabolism and this increases inflammatory processes within the body. This increased inflammation damages the cell membranes of the body causing insulin receptor distortion that leads to insulin resistance.

With inadequate insulin signaling the blood sugar remains elevated. When blood sugar stays elevated for too long it interacts with enzymes and other protein molecules creating dangerous substances called Advanced Glycolytic End Products (AGEs). AGEs are highly inflammatory and destructive as they damage tissue throughout the body including nerve fibers and blood vessels. This is the reason for the neurological and cardiovascular complications involved with diabetes.

Prevention and reversal of degenerative diabetes depends on our ability to reduce inflammation and enhance cellular healing processes. This begins with a diet rich in phytonutrient dense vegetables, healthy fat and clean protein sources. Non-starchy vegetables, herbs, & teas are great sources of anti-oxidants and have very low carbohydrate content. Healthy fat sources include coconut products, avocados, olive oil, nuts, seeds, & purified omega-3 fish oil supplements. Healthy protein includes wild-caught fish, grass-fed red meat and free range chicken, turkey, and eggs. These protein and fat sources are extraordinarily critical for rebuilding healthy cell membranes with normalized insulin receptor activity.

High intensity surge training is the best form of exercise to reverse diabetes. Due to the high intensity, this form of exercise utilizes all the stored sugar in the liver & muscles during the exercise bout. In response, the cells of the muscle and liver take-on an insulin-like effect and have a significantly increased affinity for glucose to fill their storage tanks. Additionally, surge training enhances growth hormone secretion (HGH) through the next 24-36 hours enabling the body to burn more fat for energy. This HGH effect also enhances the body's ability to heal the damaged pancreas and insulin receptors on the cell wall.

Powerful anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory herbs such as cinnamon, turmeric, green tea, & ginger help to stabilize blood sugar and reduce cellular inflammation. Insulin resistance also takes form with several nutrient deficiencies including chromium, zinc, & vanadium. Supplementing with chromium picolinate, vanadium citrate, & zinc has been shown to be very effective at enhancing cellular insulin sensitivity.

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