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Hi Utopia,
Sarcoidosis, have you any experiences of using colloidal silver for this and would a nebuliser be an effective way to get silver into the lungs for someone who is quite ill with Sarcoidosis?

Pat in Ireland
Hi Pat,
Yes, I personally use a nebulizer because it is an effective way of getting silver into the lungs and will usually stop a respiratory infection dead in its tracks. I seldom allow a cold to get past my nose, but if I am negligent in my silver use and let it move down into my bronchial tubes, I fall back to my nebulizer and it seldom fails to do the trick. I even use it with allergies to reduce allergic inflammation in tandem with enzymes. You may want to consider larger servings (4-6 morning and night) of enzymes on an empty stomach to help counter the inflammation that often accompanies sarcoidosis. This protocol also improves circulation and cardio-vascular function as well.

Note: We have switched nebulizer brands from Omron to Devilbiss which we believe is a step up without increasing the price.

If you are also developing heart issues that often result from Sarcoidosis, I would recommend Membrane Complex and Dr. Christopher’s Heart Syrup.


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