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Silver Soap

I have been using the Colloidal bar of soap successfully. I was just wondering if there is a time limit one would use this to avoid strange side affects? I know its topical so I wasn’t sure if the same guidelines apply for that as does to the internal colloidal silver.

Thank you.



Hi Veronique,
Although silver will kill bacteria, I have never heard of a problem associated with regular use of the soap. Should this occur, there will be clear signs evidenced by drying and scaly skin. If this happens, simply discontinue use until the skin returns to normal. Epidermal bacteria is kind of like colon flora in that if destroyed it comes back very quickly. Personally, I alternate between a bar of silver and a bar of gold. The gold has all the other skin therapy ingredients (aloe vera concentrate, essential oils and plant minerals), but does not have silver.You are appreciated in Utopia.