Healing Protocols

Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel Healing Protocol

by Ben Taylor

This protocol for the healing of Arthritis and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. One may be dealing with either or both, but this protocol will generally work on both. Of all our protocols, this one probably has the highest success rate.

The following serving suggestions are for therapeutic use and accelerated healing. When the symptoms are gone, which is usually accomplished in 2-8 weeks depending on the severity of the problem, one can then go to the suggested maintenance serving on the bottle.

Joint Care – Take 1 oz. 2-3 times per day (morning, noon, and night)

Enzyme Complex – Take 1 tablet with each serving of Joint Care to enhance the digestion and absorption.

Hyaluronic Acid– Take 1-2 capsules 3 times per day. This provides the fluid matrix for joint lubrication, skin hydration, and skin repair.

MSM– Take 1000 mg (1 capsule) three times per day with 3-5 Enzyme tablets on an empty stomach. High amounts of enzymes will reduce the inflammation and break down the fibrin build up in the joints and around the tendons. It will also improve circulation which accelerates healing.

Membrane Complex (Magnesium, Calcium, & Potassium)- Take 2 capsules morning and mid-day and 3-5 capsules at bedtime. Doing a larger amount at bedtime will enhance your relaxation and sleep and promote the healing process.

Colloidal Silver– Take 1-3 teaspoons daily on an empty stomach. Silver kills bacterial, viral, and funga l infections in the joints which is another possible cause of joint problems. Fungal is the most common , especially if you have ever had a Candida/yeast infection,

This is optional, but may be suggested for those conditions that affect the whole body rather than localized (hands, wrist, ankles, etc.). IntraMax Super Therapeutic Vitamin, Mineral, & Herbal Formula– Take 1/4 oz daily for 7 days, then 1/2 oz daily for 7 days, after that you may want to finish the bottle at 1 oz daily. This is one of the very best vitamin, mineral, and herbal formulas on the market and will provide your body with most of the essential trace minerals and vitamins to enhance the healing process. We generally recommend mixing this 50/50 with 75 Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals and then taking 1-2 oz. per day during the healing period.

(Note: Generally the dosages indicated on the bottles are for maintenance purposes and are not therapeutic amounts One may need therapeutic amounts for 2-8 weeks, but after your symptoms are gone, you will probably only need the minimum daily maintenance amounts.

Healing our bodies is no accident. If this protocol is diligently followed, most people have noticeable relief in 1-3 weeks.