Healing Protocols

Anti-Inflammatory and Chelation Protocol

by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin) An Enzyme Protocol is a one of the most beneficial and economical healing therapies and can be used, and generally should be used, in tandem with all of our other protocols. There are generally three uses of enzymes as listed below.

Digestive Enzyme Protocol is when 1-3 enzyme tablets are taken with meals or other supplements.

1. Aids in proper food digestion, maximizing your nutrient intake.

2. Enhances the absorption of other supplements, reducing supplement waste and saving money.

Systemic Enzyme Maintenance Protocol is when 5-10 enzyme tablets are taken in the morning and at night on an empty stomach. Take at least 1/2 hour before and/or 1/2 hour after meals to maximize effectiveness.

1. Acts as a potent chelator by reducing the plaque buildup in the arteries.

2. Reduces inflammation in the tissue and arteries and improves circulation.

3. Promotes healing of healthy tissue by reducing the formation of fibrin/scar tissue.

Systemic Enzyme Therapeutic Protocol is when 5 enzymes tablets are taken each 1/2 hour for 8-10 hours. Take at least 1/2 hour before and/or 1/2 hour after meals to maximize effectiveness.

1. This greatly accelerates the actions listed above, especially when you are either catching or experiencing an illness of almost any kind.

2. Can be used once a month as a therapeutic protocol replacing the Maintenance Protocol. Always test and evaluate your body’s reaction for an hour or two before continuing.

Note: The servings noted above are based on the use of the Enzyme Complex that we sell on our website.

Warning: Do not take enzymes with any drugs as they will enhance absorption and intensify the effects.