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Colloidal Gold in Freezing Temps

Utopia Silver,
I am very familiar with the silver products and how important it is to keep them from getting contaminated. My question is , I am thinking of ordering the 5 gallons of colloidal gold and was wandering if the gold is sensitive as well? and what would be the easiest and safest approach to filling my gallon and 8 oz bottles from the 5 gallons. Your gold product is amazing it has changed my life and I definitely want to get my entire circle of family and friends taking it. I live in South Carolina and also wanted to know if shipping to here would be ok right now, since freezing weather seems to be an issue.
Best regards,
Howard in S. Carolina
Hello Howard,
Although the larger volumes are less susceptible to cold, any of the nano-colloids should be kept out of the cold. The best way to dispense from the 5 gallons is with one of our ‘faucets’. As for shipping, it is about 3 days to South Carolina. Just to be safe, we would wait until next week to ship so that it doesn’t sit in a UPS warehouse over Christmas. We do ship with heat packs.BTW: Our family came to Texas from S. Carolina in the 1800s.Ben in Utopia.