Healing Protocols

Thyroid Healing & Rebuilding Protocol

by Ben Taylor (Silver Bulletin) This protocol is intended to facilitate the rebuilding of the thyroid gland, generally in the case of Hypothyroidism, which is an under active thyroid function. The most common symptoms are fatigue, depression, weight gain, hair loss (generally in women), and intolerance to cold. But it can also include any one or a combination of the following; loss of appetite, lower than normal heart rate, painful menstrual periods, muscle cramps and weakness, dry and scaly skin, yellow-orange coloration in the palms, yellow bumps on the eyelids, migraines, constipation, goiter (a swelling of the thyroid gland), drooping and/or swollen eyes, hoarseness, and recurrent infections (especially respiratory). A simple blood test to measure your levels of thyroid hormone or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) can be done by your doctor (if you trust them not to pressure you onto a lifetime of drugs) to determine if you actually have an under-functioning thyroid.

Following is a general thyroid rebuilding and immune booster protocol for adults using supplements that are safe and can be very effective in healing thyroid issues. The recommended supplements will generally give positive results, but they will be enhanced and usually hastened by also following steps 1-5.

(1) Put aside stressful situations in your life and past traumas behind you, as stress alone can accelerate thyroid fatigue. Focus on a positive outlook with healing your body, mind, and spirit as a priority. Research has shown that prayer, which puts the mind, body, and spirit into agreement with God and with the healthy actions you are taking is very helpful for optimum healing. God created a Universe of logic and order and has built into it “cause and effect”. We cannot expect regeneration of our physical mind and body if we continue to abuse them with unhealthy thoughts and unnecessary worries.

(2) Stop all alcohol and tobacco use as well as food abuse (overeating of foods, especially processed foods) as they will lower your immunity even further and may well be a part of the root cause of your health problems. It is impractical to expect regeneration of the physical mind and body if we continue to abuse them with unhealthy practices.

(3) Remove the consumption of most animal proteins (meat, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and fish) and sugars (except for fruit) whether in food or drink. If you are worried that you won’t get enough protein, then take un-denatured whey protein. Eat only starches, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and fruit. Raw organic carrots and apples and/or their juices are very good. Mega doses of Enzymes (4-6 capsules morning and night) on an empty stomach will enhance circulation and boost your overall immunity to pathogens. Take Bromelain (a pineapple enzyme) with your food and with your supplements to enhance nutrient absorption. Notice: Do not take Bromelain or Enzymes with any drugs you may be taking, as it will intensify the effects and could be dangerous.

(4) Drink non-chlorinated and non-fluorinated water (6 – 8 glasses per day). Be careful above 64 oz. per day (depending on your body weight) as too much water can result in electrolyte dilution which can cause neurological problems. Generally people do not get enough water rather than too much.

(5) Get to bed by 10:30 pm even if you don’t go to sleep immediately. You can pray and relax or read until sleeps comes. If you require a sleep aid, L-Tryptophan and Membrane Complex (Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium complex) is often a good alternative to prescription drugs.

(6) Take a thyroid rebuilding supplement (such as Thyroid Response by Innate Response), one recommended dose per meal for 1-2 weeks to test the body reaction and to allow it to adjust. If you do not experience an increase in nervousness or irritability during this period, you may want to increase to two doses per meal for a month or two. After that, you may reduce to one tablet per meal for maintenance purposes.

(7) Iodine is the basic substance of thyroid hormone and acute iodine deficiency is very prevalent in modern cultures. 2-10 drops per day may be used for ‘loading’ purposes in the case of iodine depletion. (See the Iodine Replacement Therapy video for more information.) Iodine is not only essential for proper thyroid function, but is also critical for normal heart rhythm.

(8) Selenium is one of the most vital and potent antioxidants for protecting and healing the immune system. Take at least 200 mcg (1 capsule) up to 600 mcg (3 capsules) per day for a limited period (2-4 weeks) and then reduce to 200 mcg per day for continuing maintenance.

(9) Cataplex B is a food sourced Vitamin B Complex that has been found to greatly enhance the absorption of iodine.

(10) Zinc Balance is also an essential immune system stimulant. Take between 30mg (2 capsules) up to 60 mg (4 capsules) per day for 2-4 weeks and then reduce to 15-30 mg every 2 days for maintenance, but never exceed 100 mg per day for any length of time.

(11) Omega Oils and essential fatty acids are also necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Take up to 3 tablespoons per day for 2-4 weeks and reduce to 1-2 tbsp for maintenance afterwards.