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Mountain Cedar Oil Benefits

I purchased some cedar oil from you and used 2 dropper fulls of the oil into my dog’s bath soap. I need to say that it smells awesome……..left the dogs with a beautiful glossy coat, and killed every flea on them.  They haven’t scratched for days.
Also, I notice that the instructions on the bottle say it can be used orally, 2 drops.  What are the benefits of cedar oil taken orally?

BTW……………I love the smell.  Reminds me of the hill country.

Gary in Texas


Hello Gary,

Juniper and Cedar Oil are claimed to be beneficial for the following:

Arthritis and Rheumatism
Relieving allergies
Reducing inflammation and toxins
Relief of Menstration and PMS systoms
Enhancing circulation
Relieving Gout
Potent anti-bacterial
Thanks for the comments.
Ben in Utopia

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Juniper Oil

Do you carry the cedar oil still? Under what catagory? Also i have a jack russel and a chow mix dog who suffers with severe allergys, because of sniffing pollen when she goes outside for bathroom visits. What do you suggest? I have tried every herbal respiratory on market. Thanks Deborah Barnett.



Hi Deborah,
See, Texas Juniper Essential Oil

Avoiding allergies is a tough one, especially if it is the pollen itself she is allergic to. Sometime thought the pollen can hold mold and/or fungi, which can be killed by colloidal silver. Is it possible to get her to breathe from a nebulizer using silver? Silver in her water might diminish the inflammatory and infection effects of allergies. Another great anti-inflammatory is Enzymes—if you could grind them into a powder and put them in water and get her to drink them using a Disposable Syringe This works best on an empty stomach, but may cause a little diarrhea.

The best and easiest solution might be to simply keep her away from pollen by restricting where she goes when she’s outside.

Ben in Utopia