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Iodine & Thyroid

Hey Ben,

I just wanted to let you know a couple of things about the Iodine I ordered. One, I put the iodine on my skin at 11 PM, and by 6 AM it was all but gone. Two, I have been taking about 10 drops a day religiously, and though I don’t know how to perfectly articulate why I feel better, I do.  I feel like I have more energy, or that I am stronger.  I’ve also noticed I crave coffee far less, and alcohol too.

Does this have something to do with its effect on the thyroid gland?

Anyway, thank you so much for sending them. I may order some more to give to others.

Keep in touch,
Charles in Austin, Texas


Hi Charles,
Dr. Ken our ND, MD consultant says that what you are ‘feeling’ makes sense. Your body may perceive coffee and alcohol as nutrients and if there is a deficiency in some area, it can crave them in its search for that missing or deficient nutrient. But when you start taking a nutrient that your body really is demanding, the craving for other things may diminish.

He also says that very often iodine is one of the minerals that those working out regular and strenuously are most deficient in and the effect can be very noticeable. Iodine is required by every cell for the proper and optimal functioning of the cells.

Your observations are very astute and valid. If your body has optimal Iodine saturation, the test spot should be visible for 18-24 hours. The faster it disappears, the more Iodine deficient you are. If your thyroid gland is in a state of fatigue or diminished capacity, it is unlikely that your body will retain the Iodine for that length of time and you may also need to do some adrenal gland rebuilding. (Adrenal Stress End is a good product.)

Ben in Utopia