Customer Testimonials

Canine Skin Infection

Hi Utopia,
My 13 yr old dog has always had issues with bacterial skin infections and bad breath. Numerous vet visits for antibiotics and money spent had healed but the infection always comes back on her skin with large scabby, smelly, sores.
She had a permanent loss of hair on her tail and hair loss at her backend. The last alternative (after 12 yrs) was to go to a doggie dermatologist for a biopsy, spend hundreds to find the right medicine. So my Mom tells me about Utopia Silver and gives me a spray bottle to try. I was skeptic but Mom does not lie so everyday I would spray her mouth 2 shots and then spray her infected eyes and skin. Over the course of 2 months her hair grew back on her tail, her backend, she started to play like a puppy, eyes bright and clear, and skin infection cleared up. I was/am amazed! Thank you Utopia Silver Co!! I can’t thank you enough for what your product has done for my dog and my wallet. I shared my story today with friends who have similar stories and dogs with ear infections and they are ordering also. I am a new customer so I will call you tomorrow to place my order!  A must to have on hand.Donna in California