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Utopia Silver,
On your website you state that Advanced Collodial Silver is good for allergies, sinusities. How is it used? Some people say to use few drops as I would use nose drops, some say few drops need to be mixed with warm water and use as a nose rinse. I need the most effective way. If Advanced Colloidal Silver is good for sinuses topically, what is good for taking it internally?

I am interested in purchasing two: one for topical use and one for internal.

My husband and I decided to pick your company out of all we found on the internet after seeing a table facts on a [colloid analysis] website, but also because we live in Dallas, TX ourselves.

We have been suffering from allergies since forever, but in my case there are also sinusities and sinuses that keep me sick 24/7 with severe facal pressure, sore throat, headache, fatige. I ate every antibiotic on Earth and still am sick. That is why choosing the right product and using it correctly is very important to me.

Please advise in any way you can.

Thank you,
Mila in Texas


Hi Mila,
Silver will not cure allergies in the sense that it will eliminate the allergic reaction to things such as pollen, animal dander, etc. Where silver can be beneficial is in reducing infections often caused by allergies and killing bacteria and fungus that may be attached to pollen and dander. Sometimes sinus issues may be caused by mold and fungus which can grow in the dark and damp recesses of the sinus cavities. There are several effective delivery methods that can be used for the silver, 1) Mist Sprayer and 2) Respiratory Enhancement Kit & Nebulizer. The nebulizer is intended for more intensive therapeutic uses. Many have also used a neti pot to flush the sinuses with silver. To enhance the effectiveness of the silver, it is good to flush the sinuses with a mild sea salt solution to help loosen any impacted materials. This may need to be repeated several times so the silver can better come in contact with the sinus tissues. It is better not to dilute the silver whether you are using particle or ionic silver.You may benefit from reading these articles, and A Layman’s Guide to Using Colloidal Silver

Ben in Utopia