Customer Testimonials

Tooth Abscess

Utopia Silver,

I have never written a testimonial in my life until now. I recently ordered a bottle of your advanced colloidal silver to have on hand. This is my first experience with colloidal silver. I woke up this morning with a very painful tooth abscess. My neck glands were swollen and very painful. I took a teaspoon of your product and then swished it in my mouth for a few minutes every hour from about 4:30 am until 9:30 am when i went to work. At around noon the abscess opened. I rinsed again with cs. It is now 6:00pm and the pain in my gum and glands is almost completely gone. I will keep using CS for another few days to ensure all infection is gone. This was like a miracle to me because I hate getting conventional medical treatment. I am telling everyone I know a out your product. Thank you.

L. Bach