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Can Silver Help?

Utopia Silver,
My sister in law who is 71 years old has a problem with her right side of the body it started a few months ago and  now she can only drag her leg she had all kinds of tests done and they can’t find the cause. i thought maybe silver could help! which silver should she take? she is in good health and can’t understand where this is coming from. hope you can help. thank you,

Lorraine in Missouri

Hi Lorraine,
I would presume that she has been checked for a stroke. Beyond that, it sounds like a pinched and inflamed nerve or some sort of neuropathy. This can be caused by any number of things, especially degeneration of the mylin sheath which insulates the nerves as does ‘insulation’ on an electrical wire. Even mineral deficiencies can be a root cause with such issues.

Silver may help if the issue is caused by a virus or bacteria. It will also help with inflammation and tissue regeneration. The Advanced Colloidal Silver is the best one to take orally. The ionic is good topically and when used in the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Which colloidal silver is most effective, ionic or non-ionic?

Another effective method of reducing inflammation is to do systemic enzymes (heavy doses on an empty stomach and never with medication). Enzyme Complex Take a look at the Enzyme Protocol on our Home Page.

I would also suggest that she go to a Naturopathic Doctor for a consultation if this persists.

You are appreciated in Utopia.
Ben Taylor in Utopia