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Candida-Yeast Infection

I came across your website while looking for Candida cures. I have systemic Candida overgrowth, and I would like to try your colloidal silver. Do you have a protocol I can use?

P.S. Is it safe to take during pregnancy? I’m not pregnant yet, just curious.

Inna in New Jersey


Hi Inna,
Yes, Colloidal Silver can be very effective against Candida. Go to Yeast Infection/Candida Albicans Protocol. I would also add Selenium Synergy and Enzyme Complex to this protocol. Selenium is a potent immune system booster and systemic Enzymes (taken in larger servings on an empty stomach) will help to break down the cell walls of one-celled organisms.

I would limit therapeutic use during pregnancy and always use Probiotics an hour or so after taking silver to replenish the colon flora.

Let me know if you need any further input.
Ben in Utopia