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Take Steps Now to Beat and Avoid the Swine Flu

By Tony Isaacs

Is the current Swine Flu epidemic the next great worldwide flu?  It appears to be still too early to make that call, but the current outbreak appears to be rapidly spreading and the next pandemic is overdue.  While this particular flu does not appear to be as deadly as the HN51 avian flu that has had the world nervously watching for the past few years, or the horrific Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19, it nevertheless appears to be a potent killer and it is chilling to note that the new flu evidently contains four different influenza strains, including an avian flu (along with two swine flu strains and one influenza A strain).

The good news is that you do not have to rely on questionable vaccines or mainstream medicines to try to avoid the flu or even to address it if you do acquire the flu.  As is true for most conditions, nature has answers aplenty and there are steps you can take to help you avoid the Swine, Bird or any other influenza as well as quickly beat them and recover if you do happen to get the flu.

NOTE: Since it appears that the new hybrid swine flu may be spreading rapidly, taking immediate steps to begin boosting and modulating the immune system is especially important.  In the the horrific Spanish Flu pandemic, mankind was exposed to a strain of flu that was new and which we had no natural antibodies for.  As a result, the healthiest and most robust were even more susceptible than the weak, very young and aged as their strong natural immune systems literally poured a biochemical cascade of immune cells and immune system bio-chemicals such as interferon, interleukin, monokines and cytokines into the lungs to try to combat a pathogen the body did not recognize.  The result was often that the lungs were literally eaten up.

To beat and avoid the flu, you should first of all do endeavor to do the things that help protect against virtually all diseases and illnesses:  get plenty of rest, exercise, quit smoking, eat a nutritious diet, avoid stress and, above all, to make your body's natural first line of defense, your immune system, strong and robust.

Avoid the Flu with Daily Vitamin D and Boosting the Immune System:

When it comes to avoiding influenza, perhaps nothing is as important or effective as getting adequate daily amounts of Vitamin D. A group of scientists from UCLA published a remarkable paper in the prestigious journal, Nature which confirmed two other studies in recent years that the natural steroid hormone known as Vitamin D was, in effect, a potent antibiotic. Instead of directly killing bacteria and viruses, Vitamin D increases the body's production of a class of proteins called antimicrobial peptides. The 200 known antimicrobial peptides directly and rapidly destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the influenza virus, and play a key role in keeping the lungs free of infection.

Vitamin D does not exist in appreciable quantities in normal human diets. The best form, by far, of Vitamin D is naturally occurring Vitamin D3, which is produced by sun exposure on the skin. A single, twenty-minute, full body exposure to summer sun will trigger the delivery of 20,000 units of vitamin D into the circulation of most people within 48 hours. However, thanks to all the scare stories about avoiding too much sun and today's modern lifestyle of living, working and shopping in enclosed buildings, the vast majority of people do not get nearly enough Vitamin D3 .

To make sure that you have enough Vitamin D in your system, get daily sunshine whenever possible and supplement with at least 2000 mg of Vitamin D3 regularly when you cannot. The several hundred daily units the U.S. government recommend as "adequate intake" is woefully inadequate and it should also be noted that the paltry 100 mg of Vitamin D in a fortified glass of milk is not only so small as to be virtually useless, it is also not a naturally occurring form Vitamin D and thus much less beneficial or bioavailable to begin with.

The best immune booster of all in my opinion is oleander.  Oleander extract was proven to have six times the immune stimulating activities of the most powerful patented immune stimulators known to man in European studies in 1986-87 – which is no doubt a large reason that it has been so effective against cancer, HIV, hepatitis-C and other conditions.

Note:   The raw oleander plant is quite toxic, but that is not the case when it has been properly boiled and strained according to exact instructions.  No one should attempt to make their own oleander remedy without knowing what they are doing (See Oleander Soup) and the best bet would be to purchase oleander in supplement form, such as Sutherlandia OPC.

Some of the other very best immune boosters are:

·        Echinacea (Forget the flawed mainstream studies!)

·        Pau d’arco

·        Suma

·        Astragalus

·        Medicinal mushrooms

·        Beta glucans

·        Aloe vera

·        Alkygycerol

·        Lactoferrin

·        Bovine colostrums

·        Glutathione

·        Mangosteen

Be Sure to Add Natural Anti-Virals:

The next thing you should do, is to also take one or more good natural anti-viral agents, ESPECIALLY if the Avian Flu is involved.

The best natural pathogen destroyers are:

·        Colloidal Silver

·        Garlic

·        Olive leaf extract

·        Oil of wild mountain oregano

·        Grapefruit seed extract

A top quality colloidal silver (like that made by CureZone sponsor Utopia Silver) will usually knock out the flu bug in short order.  Be sure to take plenty (two to four ounces twice a day).

As noted by Colloidal Silver blogmaster Steve Barwick:

“Not only has colloidal silver been demonstrated to decimate many of the viruses associated with deadly viral flu infections, but it has also been proven to decimate most of the well-known bacterial pathogens that cause serious secondary infections during a viral infection, including the following:

Streptococcus pneumonia

Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Klebsiella pneumoniae

Haemophilus influenzae

Bordetella pertussis;

Mycobacterium (Tuberculosis)

Inflammatory conditions of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat

Spring Catarrh

Pneumococci Pneumonia

It is these secondary bacterial infections that often kill the infected individual, once the flu virus has sufficiently weakened the body.”

Use Magnesium and Other Immune System Modulators:

Like anti-virals, immune system modulators can play an important role in both warding off and beating the flu as well as in protecting the body from an excessive response from its own immune system.  One of the very best natural immune system modulators is magnesium – and it has been estimated that as many as 95% of the people in the U.S. are deficient in magnesium, which plays a vital role in modulating the immune system.  Magnesium is at the heart of the inflammatory process, and deficiency in magnesium contributes to an exaggerated response to immune stress.  As mentioned earlier, what made the 1918-1919 human Spanish Flu pandemic so virulent was the viral triggering of cytokine-mediated lung inflammation. Magnesium literally puts the chill on inflammation and plays a crucial role in natural and adaptive immunity.

Other powerful immune modulators include:

Blackseed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

Fight Infection with Plenty of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C helps prepare the body for an aggressive attack of influenza of any type. If vitamin C levels are low, the body will be more vulnerable to complications. Also, an attack of the flu will lower already dangerously depleted vitamin C levels. Whole food vitamin C is often better tolerated than pure ascorbic acid in addition to the fact that whole food vitamin C comes with the necessary.  Take at least 1000 milligrams daily to be prepared for the flu season.

At the first sign of cold or flu symptoms, take 500 milligrams of vitamin C with bioflavonoids or rose hips four to six times a day. The bioflavonoids and rose hips strengthen the vitamin C’s infection-fighting power by 35 percent, according to experts. Start taking Vitamin C as soon as you can. There are no adverse effects from taking high dosages of vitamin C. If you experience diarrhea, reduce the dosage of Vitamin C. Use bioflavonoids along with vitamin C for their synergistic effect.

Guard Against the Spread of Flu and Airborne Viruses:

The fourth thing you should do is endeavor to stop the spread of airborne viruses during the flu season:

Use colloidal silver in humidifiers and spray misters.

Nothing destroys pathogens like colloidal silver, as recognized by the Hong Kong metro subway system, which uses a colloidal silver spray to protect the 2.5 million daily users against the spread of colds and flu through contacts with common surfaces.

Use essential oils to prevent the spread of viruses.

·        Protect yourself from others by gargling daily with 1 drop each of the essential oils of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and lemon in a glass of warm water; stir well before each mouthful. Do not swallow.

·        Mix a blend of essential oils to use in your diffuser or for use in steam inhalation.

Blend together:

·         ravensare – 3 parts

·         naiouli or eucalyptus – 1 part

·         lemon – 1 part

·         rosewood – 1 part

·         lavender – 1 part

Ravensare and naiouli have antiviral properties, while the other essential oils in the blend act as antiseptics while at the same time providing a wonderful aroma.

·        Diffuser Application – Add about 50 drops of the above blend to your diffuser at a time.

·        Fumigate the house with oils to help prevent the spread of flu. Put 2-3 drops on a radiator to evaporate or add 10 drops of essential oils to a small plant spray filled with water. Spray the room frequently.

Another option is the famous Vinegar of the Four Thieves Formula

During the time of the Black Plague a family of perfumers robbed the dead. As perfumers they knew well the antiseptic essential oils, and they infused them in vinegar and rubbed them on their bodies; by doing so they protected themselves from certain death. The doctors of the time used the same herbs and essential oils to to protect themselves while tending so many who were contagious. They wore big cloaks over their heads that reached down well below their shoulders. Attached to the cloak over the nose and mouth was a 10 inch long canoe-like shaped beak full of antiseptic herbs and essential oils.

Here is the famous Vinegar of The Four Thieves recipe; it is sometimes called Grave Robber's Blend. Use it wherever you would normally use disinfectants.

Place a small handful each of dried lavender, rosemary, sage, rue and mint in a large jar, and cover completely with organic apple cider vinegar. Cover tightly and set for six weeks. Strain into a spray bottle. Whereas no home can be made to be sterile, spray the powerfully antiseptic Vinegar of Four Thieves recipe in areas of concern, such as on cutting boards and door knobs, always making sure to avoid your eyes.

Note:  The above sprays are not technically disinfectants (disinfectants have to be registered with the EPA as pesticides), but sprays with anti-bacterial properties.

Wash your hands frequently with a good germicidal cleanser.

To help prevent contracting or spreading the flu via contact, frequently wash and cleanse your hands with a good germicidal cleanser.  Note, be careful to read the ingredients – most commercial germicidal cleansers contain tocopherol, a known carcinogen.  A far better bet would be Colloidal Silver skin bars or else spraying your hands with colloidal silver from a hand sprayer.

Though no one can guarantee that any measures will afford 100% protection against virtually any, the above steps should help everyone avoid and beat the Swine, Avian or any other kinds of flu.

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