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The Death of America

Are You Prepared to Loose Your Country?
Why Are You Passively Watching the Death of America?

If you have been sitting passively by for the past two decades watching in amazement the transformation of America into a country without enforceable borders and one which has increasingly moved toward one more resembling a third world police state, it may be time to at least ask some questions of yourself and your so-called leaders. This is not an issue of orderly and regulated immigration by those who want to be Americans, both culturally and lawfully. Nor is this an issue of immigration that would benefit the long range interests of our Nation at a level whereby cultural assimilation can occur so that the very fabric of our history, environment, and infrastructure are not destroyed. To honestly answer the title questions, also ask yourself the following:

Is there room for everybody who wants and chooses to come to America to find a better life and just how many of the world’s six billion people can we take in?

Is the open border policy of our so-called “leaders” simply a long range plan for International Federalism aka a one world government? And why are our elected representatives acting in obvious treason to our national sovereignty?

Are the problems of the third world simply one of geography or is it culture and what happens when you transfer a culture from one geographical location to another? Does simply standing on American soil suddenly transform one into a mindset of health and prosperity?

What happens when other cultures are allowed to overwhelm our own culture by shear numbers without time for assimilation into American culture and values and if immigrants want to steadfastly retain their original national identities, then why come to America?

Is our healthcare system prepared to deal with the diseases of the third world that are generally not a problem in America?

Who will pay the added burdens of welfare and medical care programs to supposedly fight this additional disease and poverty?

What happens to the increased demand on natural resources in America, especially when third world immigrants develop a more American attitude toward “consumerism” and the use of natural resources?

What will be the impact of hundreds of millions of third world immigrants and their offspring on the already tattering and pollution of America’s environment and why are those who are truly concerned about environmental issues also the one’s most advocating of “open borders” in the name of so-called “humanitarianism”?

Are you prepared to endure even more overwhelming traffic congestion on our nation’s highways and streets and where will the money come from to expand our transportaion system?

Are retired Americans willing to accept a reduction in their retirement services and benefits for which they thought they had already paid?

Who will shoulder the additional tax burden on already over-taxed American citizens?

If this short video does not cause us all to THINK for a moment about what awaits us if we do not get a firm and immediate handle on the problem of immigration, then we simply deserve the fate that awaits us.

(We will have follow up articles specifically addressing these issues in subsequent Silver Bulletin articles.)

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