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The Diet That Could Have Saved Michael Jackson from Death by Western Medicine

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) There's no question that Michael Jackson was killed by western medicine. Autopsies reveal a devastating pattern of drug injections, bone mineral loss (he suffered rib fractures when administered CPR) and hair loss. When he died, his stomach contained not food, but half-digested pharmaceuticals

I believe Michael Jackson was chemically abused by his handlers in some sort of twisted, pharmaceutically-powered profit motive. But what, if anything, could Jackson have done differently with his health to have avoided this tragic death while pursuing many more decades of healthy songwriting and public performance?

For starters, let's state the obvious: Performing in public is excruciatingly stressful, especially if done on a regular basis. Dancing and singing on stage takes its toll on anyone, and for it to be pursued, it must be accompanied by a serious commitment to a healthy diet.

Here's the diet Michael Jackson could have pursued to keep himself alive and vibrant while continuing to share his musical gifts with the world.

The Michael Jackson diet that could have been

• 90% plants, 10% meats (if desired)

A healthy diet must be based on plants to begin with. I don't know if Michael Jackson was a vegetarian, but he would have done well to pursue a primarily plant-based diet. If he wished to eat meats, adding a small amount of omega-3 rich fish to his diet could have been helpful. At least half of his plant intake should have consisted of raw, living plants (sprouts, for example).

• Fresh raw superfood smoothie every day

To keep up with his performance schedule, Jackson would have needed at least one major infusion each day of high-density nutrients in the form of a superfood smoothie. There are many recipes he could have followed, and here are some elements he could have included in the recipes: Raw avocados, raw cacao powder, high-end superfood powders (like Pure Synergy, Boku Superfood or LivingFuel), organic celery, raw cruciferous vegetables, fresh wheatgrass juice and much more.

• For sustained energy during the day (coupled with healthy sleep at night), Jackson could have consumed bee pollen, cordyceps (and other medicinal mushrooms like Chaga), rhodiola and even raw buckwheat granola with homemade, raw almond milk.

• To increase his bone density and greatly improve his emotional state, Jackson could have pursued a daily dose of sunlight exposure, even in the privacy of a courtyard in his own mansion. The sunlight would have radically improved his bone health while helping eliminate the need for all the dangerous psychiatric medications he had been taking.

• Instead of taking pharmaceuticals to manage his sleep cycles, Jackson could have used sunlight exposure combined with natural dietary supplements to get him on the right track: Chamomile, melatonin or even Kava Kava (once his liver function had improved).

• Jackson should have adamantly refused to consume any sodas or caffeine (due to their bone-wasting effects), and he no doubt needed to greatly increase the alkalinity of his diet through the consumption of greens, spring water and fresh vegetable juices ("Juice Feasting").

• Because of the huge pharmaceutical burden that had been placed upon him, Jackson no doubt needed a huge liver cleanse, which could have been accomplished with the help of the cleansing products from Dr. Ed Group ( or Jon Barron (, or many other cleansing experts.

This list, of course, could go on for days. With the amount of money Jackson had at his command, the natural world could have been his medicine chest. Unlike many consumers, Jackson could easily afford to eat a 100% organic, custom-prepared meal three times a day, even if it included expensive wildcrafted ingredients.

And yet, sadly, it appears Jackson's medical advisors offered him no such advice. While we can't know what conversations went on between Jackson and his doctors, from the autopsy report we can certainly gather than his doctors were all too eager to pursue the pharmaceutical injection route rather than insist that Jackson try something more natural to resolve his underlying health issues.

Choose your medical advice carefully

We can't blame Jackson for all this, in other words. He may have been surrounded by precisely the wrong people — those who kept pumping him full of chemicals rather than recommending real food. The fact that Jackson died with half-digested pills in his stomach rather than real food is a strong indication of the way he lived his life for the past few years. His doctors gave him chemicals, not food. And he paid the ultimate price for following their dangerous advice.

Jackson's death teaches us all a hugely important lesson: When it comes to health, be careful of whose advice you choose to follow. If you follow the advice of a conventional medical doctor, you, too, may die with a stomach full of half-digested pills. You may live your final years in excruciating pain, watching your body waste away in the mirror, a victim to the chemical agenda of the pharmaceutical industry (or the cancer industry).

Or, should you choose a different path, you can live a life of astounding longevity, much like Peter Ragnar ( You can reclaim your health from the chemical pushers, ultimately living a far higher quality of life than even one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Health is more important than wealth

Jackson, you see, had fame and fortune. But without his health, all the rest was virtually meaningless. YOU can achieve a degree of health that exceeds what Michael Jackson experienced, and you don't have to be a super-famous celebrity to pull it off. Good health, in fact, is ridiculously simple and affordable. It requires no doctors, no pharmaceuticals and no suffering. It's based on the natural principles of human biology and Mother Nature, and it is within the reach of every single person living today (including celebrities).

Michael Jackson was apparently never taught these principles, and he was no doubt "protected" by his handlers in an attempt to isolate him from many outside influences. But you, on the other hand, have no such barriers.

Consider your lack of celebrity status a blessing. It gives you the freedom of not being hounded by the media or pressured by your handlers. It allows you to go shopping in a health food store in a state of relative anonymity, where you can buy your foods in private, without a gang of tabloid photographers assaulting your senses with camera flashes. YOU, in other words, have opportunities to live your life in a healthy way that Michael Jackson could never have accomplished. He was too famous, too wealthy and too valuable to his handlers. Jackson had neither his privacy nor his health. But you can have both.

And I beg each of you, please take every opportunity you have to be healthy and long-lived, regardless of whatever level of economic abundance or personal fame you may have achieved. There's a lot more to life than money and fame, and even if you manage to become the most famous person in the world, dying at age fifty is a life cut far too short.

Here at NaturalNews, we wish Michael Jackson's soul a safe journey to whatever the universe holds for him next, and we hope that his fans might learn from his health mistakes and pursue healthier lifestyles based on food and natural medicine instead of destructive chemicals. By learning from Jackson's mistakes, we can honor him one more time, even when his physical body is no longer with us.

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