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The ONLY Healthy Alternative to Root Canals

by The Health Coach

Root Canals — Part II

We regret that we must present this evidence-based understanding shared by a growing number of dentists and ex-endodontists, but it is the truth as written by Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S. in his book Root Canal Coverup.

For those who harbor any doubts regarding the following presentation, please read Dr. Meinig’s book. He was a founding member of the American Association of Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists), and he has thoroughly delved into the scientific research demonstrating the dangers of root canal ‘therapy’. If you are considering a root canal, this book may very well save your life; it did ours!


Also, we advise that you read the previous expose posted at this site and linked below:
Root Canals: Why would anyone want a dead tooth in their mouth … for life?

Point #1
If your dentist has unequivocally determined that you have a tooth that requires a root canal, then the tooth has GONE BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN. If it’s not dead already, it’s on the way to dying.

Point #2
Since we have previously learned that nobody ever really wants a dead tooth in their mouth, there is only one healthy alternative.

Point #3
The ONLY alternative is to have the concerned tooth extracted with all deliberate speed, strictly following the appropriate surgical protocols for cavitation infections. These specific surgical procedures are being used by a very small number of the toxin-free, holistic oral surgeons and dentists.

Point #4
What does one do after the tooth extraction? There are a few alternatives which we will take up in a future coaching session. However, the ONLY alternative that we embrace is called the removable partial. And there are only specific types of removable partials – made of certain materials – which we use.

For many the question still remains: “You really mean that there is no healthy alternative to a root canal except tooth extraction?”

Answer: That’s entirely correct, given the state of the art.

Furthermore, we’re compelled to emphasize again that the oral surgery which is conducted to extract the tooth ought to adhere strictly to the surgical protocols developed by Dr. George Meinig and his collaborating dentists. Why is this so important?

Because in many instances the tooth has been in an infected state for weeks, months, years or decades. When this is the case, the jawbone surrounding the tooth can easily become infected as well, setting up lifelong, subclinical, focal infections as discussed in Root Canals — Part I.

This is another extremely compelling reason why tooth extraction is the ONLY good alternative in this scenario. The ONLY one.

Now, many may want to ask one more time: “You mean there’s only one choice and that is to pull the tooth?!”

We didn’t say, “Pull the tooth.” We said properly extract it utilizing the best surgical protocols developed to date by those professional dental authorities who know what they’re doing. There is a very significant distinction that we’re making, for very important health considerations. So, if you are confronted with these choices, please do the reading especially at the Weston Price Foundation site and Dr. Hal Huggins, D.D.S websites and you’ll do just fine.

Oh, yes, one last point. We have previously underscored in our last Root Canal session that this alternative also applies to all currently root-canaled teeth in the mouth. In those cases, we are dealing with the added possibility of tooth roots that have cracked which then allow for the filling material to migrate into the jawbone creating a potential cocktail of toxicities. This is a predicament you do not want to have to deal with. The Health Coach did and it was not a pretty picture.

Stay tuned for Part III in which we will further discuss both the removable partial and the nesbit, both excellent ways of filling in the gaps.

With every good wish,
The Health Coach

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