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The Pertussis Outbreak – A Critical Review

by Mary Tocco

Dear Friends,
Many of you know that the state of California has called the recent outbreaks of whooping cough an epidemic.  According to the California Health Department there have been 910 cases and 5 children under three months old have died.  Pertussis is dangerous for the very young babies under 18 months because it is a respiratory illness that produced very thick phlegm and babies are not able to cough it up.  It is treatable and many children get through the illnesses just fine resulting in life-long immunity.  Like most childhood illnesses, whooping cough runs in a cycle every 2 to 5 years.  

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The question that needs an answer is, "How many of the children who are coming down with whooping cough are already vaccinated?"  We know that in America most children start to get vaccinated with the DTaP vaccine at 2 -4 and 6 months along with other routine vaccines.  By kindergarten, 84% of all children are up to date with their pertussis vaccination.

There is compelling evidence that the vaccine does not even protect against the illnesses.  In 1985 there was a similar outbreak and it was blamed on those children who were not vaccinated.  Barbara Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center investigated the statistics and found that 50-80 percent of the children who had whooping cough were fully vaccinated.

In fact, I have discovered that this is also true for the measles outbreaks across the country.  In each outbreak since the mid 1980's between 75 to 90% of the children who got the measles were fully vaccinated.

We have a system that is failing to deliver what they are selling and using fear to sell more of what isn't working!

Considering that we are the most vaccinated modern country in the world, and if vaccines really protected and improve health, one would think that the American children would be incredibly healthy.  The fact is the vaccinated children in our country suffer with more chronic illness than any other country. Out of 38 modern countries, we rank #37 in health.  Our children of this generation suffer with chronic illnesses that were almost non- existent thirty years ago. When you consider the asthma, allergies, learning problems, depression, obesity, diabetes and the autism epidemic, our children are victims of a sickness-care crisis. Our children are fed drugs and medications like candy.

Is the answer more vaccines?

There are 32 different licensed pertussis vaccines that come in many different combinations I call cocktails, with 3-5 vaccines including the Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hib Influenza and the Hepatitis B vaccines.  Check out some of the most common ingredients found in these pertussis vaccines: aluminum hydroxide, thimerosal (mercury) formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), latex, aluminum phosphate, ammonium sulfate, cow serum and even African green monkey cells.  When they claim that the timers (mercury)has been removed, they are misleading.  As they reduced the thimerosal, they had to increase the aluminum which is now at toxic levels. For a complete list of vaccines by product make and name visit the World Association of Vaccine Education (WAVE).   WAVE

As a researcher, I believe that natural immunity is always best. I also believe that the whole vaccine theory is flawed and causing more injury as time goes on.  The human body is not equipped to withstand the insult of dumping toxic ingredients into the blood system.  Every major organ of the body is then exposed to the toxic load along with the viral and bacterial load.  The best immunologists now are realizing that this practice is causing our children to have severe immune malfunction. It comes in all different illnesses and different diagnosis, but I believe it is immune system meltdown in all forms. 

Pertussis Vaccine for All New Parents!

Many doctors are now requesting all pregnant mothers get a pertussis (DTaP) booster while pregnant.  There is little concern how these toxic ingredients will affect the unborn baby, in fact, the DTaP contains very high levels of aluminum which is toxic to the developing brain.  Now policies are being put in place requiring new mothers and fathers to get their pertussis booster shot before taking baby home from the hospital!   I am shocked how fast these policies get implemented without proper safety studies!

I believe we must demand that no more vaccines be recommended until unbiased safety studies are done.  If this trend continues, we are going to see even more injured, sick children in the near future. 

Education is the key to bringing about changes.  We must act in a responsible matter and share information with all those we know who are having babies.  This is a wake-up call to all of the people who understand how grave this problem is.  I know it is not easy to talk to friends and family members who refuse to question vaccines but we must


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