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The Real Reason Why Drug Companies are Pushing More Vaccines

by: Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) There's a new vaccine for nicotine addiction, and another one for drug addiction. There's an AIDS vaccines (which doesn't work) and a vaccine for cervical cancer that's been approved for use on boys (boys don't have a cervix). Through the pharmaceutical industry, the big push for vaccines is on!

But why, exactly? Is there suddenly a new rash of epidemic disease requiring vaccine treatments? No, not really. What's new is the way Big Pharma is latching on to these diseases as new opportunities to sell more drugs.

There's a huge shift underway from drugs designed for sick people to a whole new class of drugs manufactured for healthy people. The new paradigm is that people need drugs before they get sick, as a sort of "protection" against sickness. Drugs, in essence, are being positioned as nutrients — things the human body needs in order to be healthy. And from the moment you're born, you're considered deficient in these drugs. That's why babies are injected with vaccines within minutes after being born. There's a strong belief in the medical industry that babies are born deficient in vaccines and that such deficiencies must be "corrected" as soon as possible.

This simple but powerful shift in the marketing strategy of Big Pharma has expanded the potential customer based from a subset of the population (people who are sick) to the entire world population. Now, everybody needs a vaccine for something say the drug companies. All that's necessary for the financial success of these scheme is to convince sick people that they need more drugs (or vaccines), and that's easily accomplished through disease mongering campaigns (like the current fear push over H1N1 swine flu).

Bypassing the need for scientific evidence

There's another important shift taking place alongside the big vaccine push: A shift away from "evidence-based medicine" to a new medical paradigm of "dogmatic belief."

Medicines that treat sick people, you see, have to be proven to work. There have to be clinical trials, and some percentage of those sick people (only 5% or so, typically) have to show some sort of improved response after taking the medicine. This is the so-called "gold standard" of modern medicine. But with vaccines, no proof of efficacy is required. No placebo-controlled studies need to be conducted at all. Vaccines can be openly marketed and prescribed without any evidence that they actually work.

This is the new "free pass" for Big Pharma — a class of medicine that requires no proof! They merely need to be injected into a few hundred people who are observed for as little as two weeks to see if anybody died or collapses into a coma. That's all the testing that's required (and sometimes even less). No long-term safety tests are required or pursued, and, importantly, there is no requirement that the vaccine proves it actually works to reduce flu infections (or HPV infections, etc.).

In essence, by pushing for a vaccine approach to virtually everything, including nicotine addictions, the pharmaceutical industry has transformed itself from a small industry that only served sick people with scientifically-proven medicines to a huge global industry that sells vaccines to everyone and needs no proof that they even work. By any assessment, it's a brilliant strategy for increasing pharmaceutical profits.

At the same time, it's a hazardous approach to public health. Even while vaccines provide little or no benefit to the people who get them, they do present very real risks of serious harm. Teen girls have died horrible deaths following HPV vaccine injections (…), and routine vaccines for children continue to inject them with levels of mercury so high that even the EPA considers vaccine liquids to be toxic waste (…).

Meanwhile, billions of dollars are being spent on seasonal flu vaccines and H1N1 vaccines without a shred of evidence that they actually work. The profitable sale of these vaccines to world governments was so easy and so lucrative that it's gotten the attention of drug companies. We're onto something! Vaccines are Big Pharma's new gold. They rake in the big dollars, they need no proof that they work, and as an added bonus, drug companies have been granted full legal immunity against all side effects by the U.S. governments!

From the point of view of the drug makers, there's no risk involved in vaccines. There's no risk of scientific failure since no studies are being done to even question the efficacy of the vaccines. And there's no risk of being sued over side effects since these companies enjoy blanket immunity. It's all pure profit with no downside. This is the real reason why drug companies are looking for more vaccines to push.

A vaccine for boredom?

Ten years ago, the idea of mandating a cervical cancer vaccine to teenage girls would have seemed ludicrous. But today, it's the law in many states. It's easy to push, too, since they can always say it's being done for "public benefit." (Although, in reality, the primary beneficiary is Big Pharma.)

Now, the drug companies are pushing theories that diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are caused by a virus or that prostate cancer is caused by a virus. These are attempts to establish a justification for future vaccines against such conditions. If drug companies can convince the medical authorities that a virus is responsible for heart disease, or cancer, or diabetes, then they can promote vaccines for those things, too.

Before long, every human being will be targeted with a hundred or more vaccines for diseases they don't even have!

It's only a matter of time before Big Pharma decides to start pushing vaccines for psychiatric disorders. Feeling bored? There will be a vaccine for boredom. Having trouble concentrating? Watch for a vaccine to be announced for ADHD. Afraid of public speaking? You'll probably see a vaccine promoted for "social anxiety disorder" sooner or later.

Although this sounds utterly ridiculous right now, don't discount the ability of the pharmaceutical industry to reshape the entire dialog about mental disorders and vaccines. They've already proven their ability to turn normal human experiences into psychiatric disorders requiring pharmaceutical intervention, and most conventional health professionals have bought into it. Pushing vaccines for psychiatric disorders is the next great untapped market for drug companies. All that's required is to first convince the public that viruses or chemicals are involved in brain disorders.

Believe or it not, this line has already been crossed with the recently announced nicotine vaccine. Nicotine isn't a virus, obviously. So how can drug companies claim a vaccine works to stop the nicotine habit?

It's easy: Instead of targeting a virus, the nicotine vaccine targets a molecule (the nicotine molecule). So now, drug makers can claim their vaccines can grant immunity to virtually any chemical or substance. And since psychiatric disorders are already blamed on "chemical imbalances in the brain," the groundwork has already been laid for the pushing of vaccines for such "chemical imbalances."

In fact, to take this one step further, keep in mind that according to the psychiatric disease "bible" (the DSM-IV), the very act of defying conventional wisdom is, all by itself, a psychiatric disorder. It's called "Oppositional Defiant Disorder" or ODD. (I'm not making this up.) You can be diagnosed with ODD simply by arguing with your psychiatrist over the validity of whether the disorder itself actually exists. If you frequently disagree with authorities (like the FDA), you might also be labeled ODD.

If the current health regime is allowed to continue in America, I can easily imagine a day when anyone who disagrees with vaccinations is immediately "diagnosed" with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and injected with a psychiatric vaccine designed to "cure" the "disorder." Effectively, it will be a chemical lobotomy.

To fully understand where this can lead, I urge you to visit CCHR's museum called Psychiatry An Industry of Death (…) where you'll tour the horrific history of so-called "psychiatric medicine." It's free. Just tell 'em you're a reader of NaturalNews and Mike Adams sent you. Reserve about 2 hours for the tour, and don't eat much beforehand because you just might lose your lunch. When you see what psychiatrists have done to human beings in the name of medicine, you'll be absolutely outraged. The street address of the museum is 6616 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90028. Call 1-800-869-2247 to make a reservation for yourself or a group.

Vaccines are the new holocaust. And just as drug companies were once involved in the Nazi-era experiments conducted on human beings, those same companies are now engaged in poisoning humans for profit.

Watch for Big Pharma to place even more emphasis on vaccines in the next decade. For them, it's easy money. But for public health, it's a disaster.

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