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The Survival of Billy Best Proves Cancer Doctors Wrong about Daniel Hauser

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) If there's one thing that cancer doctors and health authorities can't stand, it's being wrong. And in the case of 13-year-old Daniel Hauser, the cancer doctors insist that unless the boy submits to chemotherapy as a "treatment" for Hodgkin's Lymphoma, he will almost certainly die.

But there's a problem with that claim. The problem is a man named Billy Best, now 31 years old, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 16. Like Daniel Hauser, Billy Best was told he would die if he didn't submit to chemotherapy. But with remarkable courage and wisdom about his own body's healing capabilities, Billy Best fled the health authorities, ran away from his family and began eating roots, superfoods and medicinal herbs. He regularly drank an alternative cancer liquid formula (made from plants) and before long his cancer was cured.

Billy, of course, is alive and well today… fifteen years after his cancer doctors said he should be dead.

Billy's recovery proves cancer doctors wrong
The fact that Billy Best is living and breathing today is a huge embarrassment to the arrogant cancer doctors who insist on pushing poison onto children. His very existence proves them wrong. They might have actually preferred that Billy Best died 15 years ago just to prove them right, because with each breath he takes, and with each heartbeat that carries his body into the next moment, Billy Best screams out the obvious truth to the world: Natural medicine allows the body to CURE ITSELF of cancer.

Billy Best is alive and well today, living on superfoods and looking quite healthy. He was recently willing to speak out against the tyrannical cancer authorities on an ABC News video interview you can watch here:…

In that interview, when Billy Best was asked if he would help the Hauser family if contacted by them, he says, "I would because it's something that's so close to me." The journalist interviewing him seems astonished that someone would dare help the "fugitive" Hauser family. But Billy Best continues, "It's been, almost, 15 years and to see today someone fighting for those same — freedoms. …I'd fight. I'd fight for that freedom."

And with those words, Billy Best cements his position as one of the true American heroes of our time. Taking a stand against the poisoning of children, against the tyranny of modern medicine and even against the idiocy of the mainstream media, Billy Best affirms his basic human right to choose his preferred healing modality.

And yet, it wasn't too long ago that Mr. Best was a fugitive from justice… the subject of an intense manhunt to find a child and, it was claimed, "save his life with chemotherapy."

Who are the real fugitives from the law?
When it comes to cancer and medicine, I say the wrong people are running from the law. The real criminals in medicine today are the egomaniacal oncologists who seek to thrust their toxic chemicals onto families and children. These criminal-minded physicians routinely call for the arrest and imprisonment of parents who dare to disagree with their distorted medical opinions — and even those opinions are based on nothing but fraudulent science, engineered and paid for by the criminally-operated drug companies selling the chemotherapy chemicals in the first place.

The cancer industry is, in every way, an organized crime operation that intimidates opponents, imprisons those who question its authority and exploits children for profit.

If the U.S. Dept. of Justice had any backbone, it would have prosecuted cancer doctors, cancer non-profits and cancer drug companies under the RICO Act (the law used to prosecute members of the mob), as the operations of cancer industry groups are a near-perfect reflection of the tactics used by the mob to extort money from people and intimidate (or eliminate) those who resist.

Billy Best refused to submit to the tyranny of that criminally-operated cancer industry. And he is alive today precisely because he dared to make that choice. He did what virtually no one else dares do (because people have been instilled with such fear that they dare not question authority these days) — He took responsibility for his own health, radically improved his diet, evaded the state-sponsored medical terrorists who sought to inject him with poison, and ultimately saved his own life.

It is precisely these behaviors that the conventional cancer industry seeks to suppress. If the public at large followed the leadership of Billy Best, cancer rates would plummet across the world, and the cancer industry — whose very existence is based on financial profit — would collapse. If people were to assert their own right to protect their children from syringe-toting tyrants, the cancer industry would have no patients and no profits. The entire industry is propped up almost entirely by disinformation, fear tactics and now the threatening of parents at gunpoint.

Never take your children to a conventional cancer doctor
It is important to inform all NaturalNews readers that the mere act of taking a child to a conventional cancer doctor is now, in practice, a "surrender" of your child to the State. Once you walk through the door of that cancer clinic, any disagreement with the advice of the cancer doctor will result in you being labeled a criminal, even while state employees kidnap your child and seek to have you jailed.

These are not exaggerations. They are accurate descriptions of precisely what has happened to the parents of Daniel Hauser, Katie Wernecke, Abraham Cherrix (, Billy Best and many other children. In most of these cases, the parents had no choice but to become fugitives of the law in order to protect their children from syringe-toting cancer doctors armed with chemical poisons.

Conventional medicine, in a very real way, has become the enemy of the People. By invoking "gunpoint medicine" and turning parents into criminals, the medical establishment now blatantly portrays itself as an oppressive, tyrannical institution that, to many people, is far more scary than any terrorist organization. These actions on the part of cancer doctors and Child Protective Services are arguably terrorist campaigns as they clearly terrorize families in an attempt to control them.

This is the very definition of terrorism, in fact: The use of weapons (or the threat of the use of weapons) against the People to accomplish a political aim or to intimidate or coerce the People. An upcoming article here on NaturalNews explores this issue in more detail, explaining precisely why cancer doctors now fit the definition of "terrorists" as defined under the U.S. Patriot Act.

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