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Time to Slay the Government Health-care Monster

Press Release

As we have been saying for some time now, the multi-headed Medusa – Federal Health Care – is not dead.  Mistakenly seen by some as a “birth-right,” health care is simply a commodity like bread, cars, and cheese.  Insert the government into the equation, as has been increasingly done over the last 45 years and we will have scarcity, higher prices, more ill-health, and an even-greater concentration of monopoly medical powers.  Take the government out and we will see the opposite.  It might seem counter-intuitive, but that is how reality operates.  Does anyone really believe that the government could possibly produce and sell bread, cars, or cheese any better than private individuals?  Is a service industry like health care any different?

Federal Health Care is artificial, stiff, synthetic, structured, coercive, anti-freedom, and anti-organic.  It is backed by bureaucrats, policemen, guns, and prisons.  On the other hand, true free-market health care (not the ersatz health care today that is passed off as private) is organic, flowing, non-monopolistic, pro-freedom, and decentralized.  It is marked by voluntary exchanges among free individuals.  Which would you prefer?  Slaves love the former, to be told what to do, to not have to make choices.  Free individuals vastly prefer the latter.

Time to Kill the Bill

The purpose of this Press Release is to ask all of our loyal NHF members and other readers of our messages to email or telephone their Congressional Representatives, especially Democratic-Party Representatives in the House – this week and next – and tell them that you want them to vote against the White House Health Care Reform legislation.  The NHF encourages everyone to do this more than just once – be persistent.  Now is the time for health-freedom advocates to kill this Disease-care legislation in the House once and for all.

The new Obama-care legislation is not much different from the Harry Reid Senate passed bill in that Federal bureaucrats will be in control of your health care, and US. taxpayers will be giving more money to pay for the philosophy of big government and bureaucrats “know best.”  These people push the dangerous myth that the government actually has the compassion and capability to manage and control the insurance market, as well as the bankrupt philosophy that the concentration of even more power in the hands of a few, unelected bureaucrats, is better than just reforming the insurance market and letting people freely make their own decisions.  Yet, it is a snake-headed Medusa writhing with hidden, freedom-killing laws that also have nothing to do with health care.

Speaker Pelosi and Mr. Obama are working on their latest political buy-offs with House Democrats who opposed expanded Federal payments for abortion.  This is an important issue, but it is a distraction from the rest of the controlled expansions in the final Obama-care proposal being crafted.  Mr. Obama is on the stump, playing the "insurance companies are the bad guys" routine, as was done once before.  This routine gets old; but, again, it is nothing more than a straw-man argument meant to distract the audience from the core purpose of the government health-care reform monster attempting to be shoved down the throats of the country.

Among many other things, what is not being revealed is that unelected Federal councils and commissions will be in control of what medical treatments will be covered under a private insurance company-Federal cooperative.  Also hidden behind curtains are the facts that these people would change Medicare for the worse and expand the Federal bureaucracy’s control with a “Medical and Cost Effectiveness” regime that will shut out true alternative health care.  There also remains the issue of forcing people to buy expensive health insurance or else face paying stiff penalties (backed by guns and prison of course).  There are numerous other health-freedom and government-control issues still in the Obama-care legislation.  It is not just about eliminating pre-existing conditions exclusions by insurance companies. The NHF believes that true health-care reform is, among many other things, about allowing true free-market interstate competition among the insurance carriers, not requiring consumers to buy their insurance through third parties, broadening the scope of medical-insurance coverage to include a wide array of alternative practitioners, ending the conventional medical monopoly, and basically getting the Federal government out of health care altogether.

As Americans of independent thought and action have learned over the past 18 months, Congressional and Presidential elections do have consequences.  The final script for the shape of our new health-care system is struggling to be completed in Congress.  Americans’ Constitutional rights are once again being trampled on, like so much trash, along with individual health freedom of choice.  The strong cry against this usurpation of our liberties has been heard across the country, yet the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama wing of the Democratic party are completely and utterly deaf to what the majority of Americans want and believe is really needed.  The truth is that the health-care “reform” plan Congress wants to push through will result in less compassion, not more.  It will result in more sickness, not less.  It will result in more misery and less health-care freedom.  This is the biggest threat to your health freedom and your health in years because virtually all health-care monies will circle and be sucked down into the toilet of the failed conventional medical monopoly, leaving very little left for the average consumer to spend elsewhere!

The debate and political posturing will soon come to a head.  Your help is needed NOW to defeat Obama-care in the House.  This is a critical, tipping-point time in which you can maximize your efforts.  Take action now and over the following weeks to slay this Medusa that will turn us all into stone!


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