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‘Trickle-down tyranny’

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) In November, 2011, I coined the term "trickle-down tyranny" to describe the phenomenon of what I saw happening in America. That term became the headline of an article published on November 22, 2011, which was also covered on the Alex Jones Show (video link below). Paul Craig Roberts even commented on live radio on how good the article was, explaining that it captured the essence of what we were witnessing with federal tyranny tactics being adopted at the local level.

For the record, I had no involvement in this book. In fact, I've never met Michael Savage, and I'm not in touch with him. I want to make that clear in case there is any confusion among readers out there who know that I coined the term "trickle-down tyranny", and then they see Savage's book of the same name and might think I ghost-wrote it or something. I assure people that is not the case. I'm interested to read the book, but I had nothing to do with writing it.

I don't even know Michael Savage. He is in touch, however, with Robert Scott Bell, the host of the top radio show on our own radio network . Robert has been on Michael's show several times over the years, so they do have some communication. Does Savage read NaturalNews? I'm not sure, but anyone who is into liberty and saving the Republic sooner or later reads NaturalNews, as we break so many of the most important stories on issues like food freedom and health freedom.

"Trickle-Down Tyranny" sounds like a really hard-hitting book. It's quite clear from recent events over the past couple of years that Obama quite literally intends to destroy America. Look at his signing of the NDAA, his March 16th executive order claiming government control over all food and farms, his administration's continued support of GMOs, medical marijuana raids and Wall Street financial criminals. This guy is ripping the guts out of America on a routine basis, and he has violated nearly every campaign promise he once made to cheering supporters who now realize they were betrayed.

I'm not even sure if Savage credited me or NaturalNews with the "Trickle-Down Tyranny" term, since I haven't seen the book yet (but I hope to). While I always appreciate a nod on the things that originate at NaturalNews, I never registered a domain name using the term or anything. The domain name was registered by Savage's marketing team (or publishers) on March 29, 2012, according to WHOIS data. It currently hosts a book description page.

Interestingly, the domain TrickleDownTyranny.COM was registered to someone else named Anthony Carrano from Cedar Park, Texas, on August 3, 2011, which indicates that someone had the same thought I did, even before my own article was published. But nothing exists at as of this writing, so it appears that person never used the term anywhere. At the time I wrote my own article, I had never seen or heard the term anywhere. A Google search shows my article currently the #3 search result in the phrase, with Michael Savage's book pages taking #1 and #2:

It is within the realm of possibility, of course, that Savage or his publishers came up with this name on their own, independent from my publicizing it in November of 2011. After all, he did have a previously published book called "Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security."

So whether he came up with it independently, or he saw it on NaturalNews or the Alex Jones Show, I'm just happy the concept is spreading! As the editor of NaturalNews, my goal has always been to put ideas into the public domain and hope they spread, and if his book goes on to become a bestseller (which it sounds like it will), this would be a huge victory in seeing a phrase coined right here at NaturalNews adorning bookshelves everywhere. The concept of "trickle-down tyranny" is crucial to understand if we hope to save this Republic from being eviscerated by Obama and others who hold similarly socialist / communist views.

I can't say I agree with Michael Savage on every single thing he talks about, but I totally agree that Obama is destroying America and even betraying his own support base in the process. This book looks like it tackle issues that are, without question, critical concepts for saving our Republic from being overtaken by creepy socialist police state bureaucrats.

If Savage's publishers will send me a review copy of his book, I'll be happy to review it on, which now reaches over 4 million unique, active readers every month. (We are widely regarded as the second largest alternative news network on the 'web, with the first being / Alex Jones.)

"Trickle-down tyranny" wasn't the only phrase coined right here at NaturalNews. Here are two more that I've come up with over the years:

Gunpoint Medicine – I've used this term to describe situations in which the state mandates compliance with dangerous medical procedures such as vaccines and chemotherapy. Any time the state brings men with guns and forces you to comply with their medical mandates, that's gunpoint medicine.

Usage: The state of Maryland engaged in yet more gunpoint medicine today as parents who refused to vaccinate their children were lined up and shot outside the courthouse.

Genopocalypse – Describes the coming genetic apocalypse of widespread infertility caused by vaccines, GMOs and synthetic chemicals. This is based on the theory that humanity is about to suffer a sharp population collapse caused by a loss of genetic integrity.

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