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Truly Wonderful

I have to tell you that I have been using colloidal silver for years now and it is truly wonderful!
I do have one question though. My mom recently fell and scraped her knee very badly. I had to take her to Urgent Care where they just cleaned it and told us to use soap and water and neosporin.However the knee that my mom injured (the right side) is also the same side that she had her lymph nodes taken out when she had surgery to take out the cancer in her breast. Therefore her doctor has warned her to be careful not to injure that side too much.

I have used the advanced colloidal silver for almost everything that I can think of, but I was wondering if the colloidal will help heal my mom’s knee.

If so, how should I apply it and how often.

Thank you very much,

Jan in Hawaii


Hi Jan,
Colloidal Silver used topically for wounds, cuts, and abrasions is a valid and very effective use. Even mainstream companies now manufacture silver band-aids. I would apply it every 2-3 hours directly to the wound; but not over a broad area of skin, as silver will kill the beneficial bacteria from healthy skin. Silver Band-Aids.

You may want to look at our Natural Cellular Immune Booster Protocol to reduce the chances that your mother has a re-occurrence. It is very important that we move about as much as possible to keep the lymph system flowing since it has no natural pump as the cardiovascular system does with the heart.

You are appreciated in Utopia; let me know if we can be of further service.