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Warning – Your Cordless Phone May Be Harmful

by: Lenette Nakauchi

(NaturalNews) Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are areas of energy that form around all electrical appliances and devices. Your body is sensitive to electricity (some if its functions actually rely upon electric current), so it is understandable how you can be affected by the EMFs radiated by cells phones, microwaves, televisions, and other electrical devices. But is there one product that is worse than the others? One everyday item you may use that could be hurting your body? Yes. Research has indicated that cordless phones can be up to one hundred times more dangerous than their mobile counterparts!

Radiation Protocol

What Are EMFs?
EMFs are emitted throughout the world, both inside your home and outside of it. From your modern cooking appliances to cell phone towers and power lines, technological devices are present quite literally everywhere you go. It is true that the EMFs created by these items can cause health risks, so interacting with them as little as possible is something that everyone should strive to do.

One of the best ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs is to use items that produce less radiation than others. Consider the latest information about cordless phones: they emit considerably stronger EMFs than mobile phones. Though many people have foregone land lines altogether, if you still have your home phone you should seriously consider switching out your cordless headset for a corded model.

Cordless Phones and Your Health
Why go through the trouble of changing your home phone set? Well, the EMFs that your cordless phone releases can cause a variety of health issues. Some of these include:

* Learning Disorders
* Mood and Behavior Changes
* Nervous System Disorders
* Cancer, including Leukemia, Breast Cancer, and Brain Tumors
* Insomnia
* Headaches

Land lines have long been thought to be safer than mobile phones, and corded phones still are, but cordless land lines have the potential to emit EMFs as strong as six volts per meter. Not only are you in danger of over-exposure to EMFs while you are actively talking on the phone, but cordless phones are also able to release EMFs into your home even when they are simply sitting in the cradle. Regardless if your cordless phone is charging or not, it can unleash dangerous EMFs into your home without even being in use.

What Can You Do to Reduce Exposure?

If you have a cordless phone, think about how you can replace your current device with a corded model to cut down on EMF exposure in your home. Though you will not have the same freedom to walk around as you do with a cordless model, try putting your corded phone in the room where you often sit to talk to make the transition easier. Additionally, keep the phone away from your bed, so that you are not exposed to EMFs as you sleep.

Though you may feel silly being worried about a telephone – one of the most common devices in today's society – remember that EMF exposure is a very real concern. Replacing your cordless phone can drastically reduce the EMF saturation in your home and allow you to provide a more health-conscious lifestyle for your family.

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